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The Honest Truth

At first glance the honest truth sounds like redundancy, but I assure you its not. Honesty and truth are not the same thing.

Let me explain. When I was younger, I really believed that my parents never loved me. Honestly, if you had asked me then I would have said it with a straight face. And of course, because I believed that, all actions seemed to validate it. But it was not true, they really did love me, I just could not understand that they showed it differently to what I wanted or needed then.

Its what I call globalizing a local situation. You know what I mean?

A woman gets hurt my a man in a relationship and suddenly all men are dogs. Thats globalizing a local situation. The woman is taking an honest situation and building a truth out of it (for her anyway) and applying it to all. You get what I mean?
We all do it to a certain extent, when we get sick, suddenly it seems like we will be this way forever and we panic. But then we get better. Or maybe its just me, since I hate the doctor. Or even worse, the dentist, I have an ache and I reason how I will live with the pain (rather than have it seen to ha ha ha).

Honesty and truth are not the same thing. Truth is always true, honesty is dependent on our perception. We get it wrong so often and I hope people would understand the difference.

To the woman who has had her heart broken, yes he has hurt you, but its not true that all men are like that.

To the one who takes an honest look at their life and realise they do not like it, and want to end it because its too much for them to handle, don’t because its not true that you cannot make it through. Yes you are being honest, but it will change, all of life is not like this moment. Yes its just a moment. The moment is not worth taking your life.

Its not good to globalize what is local, or better put. Make permanent what is clearly temporary. Its not always good to build a life truth out of an honest situation, it might just be your perception of it.

If only we will learn that honesty and truth are not always the same thing………