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I need your input

In the last post I asked everyone to participate in a poll.

I admit now that it was not too clear since only 4 people clicked on it. Therefore I am devoting this post solely to the poll.

I have had my domain name for more than a year and its been collecting some dust, I did not want to move because…..well there are various reasons, but mainly because it is a pain to move everyone over and it does require that every subscriber has to resubscribe.

Therefore I ask the question to you, by doing the poll you will be doing me a great favour. I am not sure that you can do the poll via email, so you would have to go on the site to do this.

A few things that will change once I move a to a domain. Firstly the posts will not be fully displayed in the emails. You would have to go the page online from a link in the email.

Benefits for me moving, I will have more control over the look and happenings on the site. And it will have features that this one can never have…

WordPress users, well it won’t be so simple to follow (like just clicking follow)

Thank You

the Honest One

A crumbless situation…

A few months ago I was staying over at a young couple’s place. Had to be there early in the morning and no way I was going to make it at 7am on a sunday morning 80KM away from where I stay.

I was given a biscuit/small cake of sorts. Now I am not sure if you are the same as me here, but I tend to be lazy with these things so I normally just pop the whole biscuit in my mouth. It has various benefits 1. I don’t have to keep lifting my arm, 2. Most importantly it affords you the ability to not create crumbs….

So yes it has its benefits, but the one major downside is that it certainly is not good social etiquette is it….

One cannot talk so easily or at all sometimes. As luck would have it, the guy’s wife asks me a question about a second after I pop the biscuit in. Really funny situation. Took me a minute or 2 to answer. The silence was rather ominous thinking back now it was rather funny.

But it got me thinking. We do that sometimes in life too. In order to get something done and not have mess, we take on more than we can handle. The result is usually we are rendered useless for that period. All you can do is focus on the situation you got yourself in. For lack of better words, we bite off more than we can chew.

The problem with crumbs…..means people have to clean up after. In life those crumbs are normally the effects of broken people. We need help, but we never like asking. There is always some sort of help needed, but we delude ourselves into thinking that we can do everything on our own.
I know this is a bit of a stretch trying to link eating a biscuit to life. But I am sure you would agree that sometimes we do bite off more than we can chew.

I never like crumbs on me, they always tend to fall in the places that creates the most uncomfortable experience. Therefore that and sticky hands I avoid like the plague.

What do you hate?

the Honest One

Please help me out here, I am considering moving to a hosted site, but this means that everyone would have to resubscribe (maybe not sure which way yet). Also it might mean that I will email the post links out each week so you would actually have to go the the post online to read it rather then the full post in an email.
There are multiple reason for possibly doing this, but ultimately if everyone does not like it I won’t do that. Also considering running them side by side.