Monthly Archives: December 2010


Ah ha you thought I misspelled it hey???

Well this is about relationships that are real. As opposed to law based relationships or simply living by law. Now before I get into that, I am referring to law based living which refer to rules that define how you live and whether you follow them clinically. Now to explain why we as humans love law so much let me ask you a question.

When you get a traffic fine for breaking the law, and you pay the fine. Do you still feel guilty about it? Does it plague your thoughts? The answer to that really shows why we like the law rather doesn’t it. It’s doable, fairly easy to pay and a predetermined outcome. We love that hey, so controllable, so simple. You think?

Now real relationships are not like that. When you hurt someone you love (break the law of relationships) how do you feel? If you ask for forgiveness and it is granted, how do you feel? Its not so cut and dry hey.

Realationships are much harder to work through. Firstly they require honesty, loyalty, commitment and love (you know, all the swear words ha ha ha) And mostly work, their outcomes are never predetermined (especially if there is a women involved hee hee hee) In other words realationships are messy and undefined. But that is what is needed in life.

Look really at laws, how much have they helped people change. Sure it leads to a clean more civilized way ( which is good in its own way). But contrast that to how you changed because of people’s influence in your life???? So I say, bring on the mess………Get a realationship