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I work in a place that probably censors more than you think. Thats right I work at a theatre. I don’t mean censorship in the strict sense of the word, but what I do mean is that the shows are very selective as to what public sees.

Most of life and information is like that today, yet we are not aware. We always believe that we get the full story. About 5 years ago I recorded an album with an artist. It took about a year to finish, but in that time the sound of most of the songs changed so much from the original. I wonder how the originals would have been received by people? I suppose I will never know hey. Even me, a lot of what I do to the sound I work with is about censoring. You never “really hearing” what is coming from stage. You hear what I change and effect and so forth. Technically parts of that is censored from your ears.

And mainly that is not bad, because it polishes the picture, but it really does make you unable to be fully objective. I will never forget, one of my first shows I did at the theatre was a tap show ( I would point out that everything on the show was mimed even the singing). Ja hey terrible. But the reviews still commented on the singing performance??????? But of course, I was not be able to correct them then hey.

So as to why I am rambling on about this. My point is that most of what we are shown and given is not the whole picture. News, music (point being here that Michael Jackson has a new album out, yet he no longer lives) sport, world events, pretty much most information out there.

What does this relate to our lives? Well lets take oil and its high price and how that affects us. Bearing in mind that our whole economy hinges on oil. So what if it became public verified knowledge that there was no shortage of oil, that it is freely available???? The price would plummet hey. And you know everything would have to become cheaper then would it not. But that will never happen. By the way this hypothetical ( though it might be true ) My point is that the whole system runs because of our ignorance of the things we do not know.

And its kept that way, mostly because most people don’t question anything. The artists who we know are not all that is out there. Many have been “censored” because other people “know what works”. How many people are never given the time of day, because they do not “fit the profile”. Yet we are sometimes the very ones who create that profile.

I walked into a christian bookstore the other day and noticed that there are a vast amount of books that are simply not on the shelves. I mean don’t get me wrong, there were alot of books, shelves and shelves of them. But there were specific ones missing. Ones I know exist because I have them. Yet they were not there. I don’t think that is unintentional. Because I know the content of the books I do have, they will not go down well with the theme of the store, therefore its censored out of there. And to the person walking in there, they will never know it exists.

In short what I guess I would like to see, is people to think for themselves and question a bit. Do not take everything as that is the way it is. Dare to be different and give people the benefit of the doubt. Don’t censor info (even about yourself because you think that is what people want ) Be yourself fully and if people do not like the uncensored version, well….. maybe they did not belong there in the first place.

Do not just accept news and headlines, they do not give the full story. Question everything…..


P.S. please don’t go out and look for conspiracies under every rock now. I simply mean do not just take everything at face value…

4 way stops or Traffic lights

We in South Africa seem to be the only ones that refer to traffic lights as “robots” so if I refer to robots, you know what I mean.

Personally I used to hate 4 way stops. When 4 cars pitched up even though we all know how it works, we still have that uncomfortable pause. If you don’t well then you must be perfect (maybe you should consider being a traffic officer). Traffic lights are very different, there is never that hesitance. When the light is red stop, when it is green go. When it is orange put your foot down and hope it does not turn red before you over the line (ha ha ha don’t quote me on that hey)

Life has changed for me now and I actually prefer the 4 way stop vs the robot. And life is pretty much like the differences of the 2 hey. Well obviously it depends on how you live life, but its pretty much like that.

Before I explain that statement let’s look at the 2 critically.

4 way stop

First stop first go. Thats the rule, but it can easily be changed if someone decides to let you through. Yes it has its pitfalls, like if there is someone newer at it, they might cause a bit of chaos, but thats all part of it.

Traffic lights (robots so aptly called I might say)

These are different animals all together. Set outcomes at any given moment. It can only be adhered to and never changed. Well you could disobey and then you will have to pay the price won’t you.

So, back to the analogy. To live life in a 4 way stop way is to live it in a relational fashion (descriptive) and to live life in a traffic light(robot) way is to be more legalistic in approach (prescriptive)

I suppose I should qualify those statements hey. Well look at it. If you take your life, have you ever been given a chance you really were not supposed to be getting, but you met someone or knew someone? I know a guy who managed to get a passport from application to in his hands in 2 days flat…….. Have you ever heard of that? Well turns out he knew somebody that could get it done. Now that try that via the normal channels and I am sure you will wait at least 3 months.

I could use example after example to describe my point here. Do not get me wrong I think the laws are good and they help bring order to our lives. Its just that laws do not always take the change and flexibility that relationships bring, into consideration.

In my life according to protocol and the laws I should not be where I am and doing what I am doing (and I am not saying I broke the law). But if it were up to protocol alone and relationships with people were out of the equation I would not be here.

So in short I think the 4 way stop approach is better. It has the rules to support order, but can be flexible enough to allow for change and mistakes, which we all need and definitely do.


Thermometer or Thermostat

Do you know the difference between cold blooded and warm blooded? I also never could figure it out. I thought cold blooded meant the creature had green blood (ja ja I know that is ridiculous maybe its from watching V as a child). Well…. They don’t.

To be cold blooded means that your temperature is derived from the external environment.

To be warm blooded means that your temperature is regulated to a constant irrespective of the external environment.

Thermometer – a measuring instrument that measures the surrounding temperature.

Thermostat – an instrument that creates the temperature around it. E.G. An air conditioner.

So… What does this relate to? I seem to notice that most people seem to live their lives either as a thermometer or a thermostat…. Still lost?
Thermometer types are people that are completely influenced by their outside happenings and circumstances.
Thermostat types are the type of people that change their environment or even better, they ignore the circumstances ( by this I mean negative ones) and go on.

It really depends on how you view life. Do things happen to you? Or do they just happen and we get to choose how to respond? I have spoken to some women simply to find out out why they choose the guys they are with (at least here me out before you judge) Some say “because he makes me happy”. Now they might not mean it this way, bu the phrasing does imply a selfish external approach in life. I mean does the happiness lie in that person and what he does? Is he responsible for the woman’s happiness? I am over-exaggerating to illustrate a point (just in case you ladies are pulling the weapons out).

If you listen closely quite a few people answer like that.
You make me feel this way……..
The government does not do this and that……
They never think of anybody but themselves…. (I especially like that one it speaks volumes of how someone looks at life)
The privileged people always get what they want…..
They did this to us……
And the stories can go on….

And I really don’t doubt that there might be validity to the blame. But its not changing your situation is it? I think its better to find the strength from within rather than blame your lack of taking action by some external influence which we really can’t change. I am sounding preachy her so I am going to stop.

Once again I would say that we cannot be in both extremes, but I think its better to live from one’s inner strength rather than be jostled around by what life puts in front of you….


Conspiracy Theorists

You ever meet people who are ‘against the system’?

Well I am mostly one of them. But I guess I am a purist at heart. But I am talking about the conspiracy theorists. I have met quite a few in my time.

They make real convincing cases and mostly valid arguments for their position on things. I always wonder what do they do during the day? How do they live with themselves knowing ‘what they know’

I must say that I do find them incredibly entertaining though. Especially the ones that make dvd’s.

In churches there are no shortages either hey. I mean free masonry seems to be the one everyone focuses on and oh let’s not forget the prosperity doctrine.

What I have seen in most cases (not all but most) that the people who have issue with let’s say the prosperity teachings, the people who speak against it normally go quiet once they become the recipient of the teachings benefits. So my question is, if you are against something, are you really?

Or are you simply just upset with how it affects you?

So another thing I noticed is that if you are for something, and through that oppose a view, you tend to fair better.


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Are you caught in S.I.N.?

Well its not what you think I am asking, but let me explain by dividing people into 2 categories

H.M.ers and I.T.ers

Now before I describe this let me say that in all people will generally have a bit of both in their lives at any given time. What I am referring to is the the ones who display more of the one than the other in most areas.

H.M. ers (Herd Mentality ers)

I think is almost self explanatory. But this is how humans act when they are in large groups without necessarily having reasons to. I will expand later.

I.T. ers (Independent Thinkers)

These are people that think separately to the “herd” often seen as outcasts in the beginning. But they think for themselves.

S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers)
Ha ha ha, (you never thought that is what it meant hey). Needless to say this is the fuel for the strength of the H.M.ers and generally because thats what everyone is doing and because there are so many, they can’t be wrong, can they?

It is my belief that many people simply do not think further than their nose about many things which is a terrible way to live. I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of money that companies spend on studying the “masses” in order to profit from herd mentality behaviour . Well they most certainly do not want you to think for yourself, they want you to believe whatever they say.

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, this world runs largely on marketing(more specifically people are influenced by it) and the fact that many people are willing to follow without the necessary checks and balances.

Anyway I am ranting, back to S.I.N. History shows us that the masses can and on most occasions will be very wrong. And the individual standing against the current was on most occasions very very correct.

As they say all truth is first ridiculed, openly opposed then accepted as self evident.

A few examples of Independent thinkers, Martin Luther (would you have believed him if you were there at the time) I am sure not one person today, would even question whether he was speaking the truth. Jesus Himself was not accepted at the time that He walked the earth and paid for it with His life.

Is Warren Buffet a good investor because he follows the crowd?
Did Martin Luther King accept what was dished to him by life?
Did Nelson Mandela sit quietly while his people were suffering?
Did Gandhi roll over and do nothing?
Will you accept everything that is?

True strength is found on the inside and not in S.I.N.
Do not be part of the mob, they will ultimately lead to you going the wrong way.

Use I.T.

THO for the earlier posts.


Have you ever felt like you don’t belong?

Let me clarify the question. You started something new, let’s say a new job and you were chosen through a long interview process and here you are now. First day and you getting the walk through, but inside it feels like you not good enough. You not quite sure if they were blind or just never had a better option when they took you? If not well no need to read further then hey.

But if you ever felt like a poser, then read on. A large part of most people (myself included) don’t really always think we have what it takes. We constantly second guess ourselves and never really “fit in”. But I think its really sometimes just in our heads, as we always are worried what the next one thinks and because we worry so much about it its almost like we think they can “see through our charade”

P – Person
O – Of
S – Substance
E – Entertaining
R – Rubbish

Well the truth is that we are not supposed to know it all, at least all the time. There are times when we don’t fit in. But that is sometimes because maybe we don’t belong there or that we just need to work through some stuff.

As for the things we don’t know, (and I know some people who did not accept good jobs because of not knowing enough) well who cares really? If they offer take the challenge.
Maybe just maybe the other person sees something you are blind to… Don’t entertain rubbish


The 3 words we hate

Our world is obsessed with knowing.

With that I mean knowing information. If we were not google would not be needed, in fact the internet would be much less used then would it not?

There are an unending amounts of books, experts, scientific studies,teachers etc. All filled with info and theories. At present at the click of a few buttons we can get the latest news, the price of goods, we can trade the markets instantaneously. There are seemingly no limits to what you can find out.

Its scary the sheer volume of info out there. And most certainly no shortage of people wanting to define and give it a name. One would think that we know it all. Well sadly (or maybe not so sadly) we really don’t know all that much.

Which brings me to the 3 words we really don’t like that much. “I DON’T KNOW”

Think about it. When you come to a doctor and there is something wrong with us, and he/she replies “I don’t know” what wrong with you. Thats not going to sit right with us…..

If you ask any honest medical professional they will tell you that we only know about 30-35% about the human body. Ask anyone who studies the universe and they will tell you that 70% of space and why things work is unknown to us. You see we may know a lot, but in the bigger picture we don’t know much. Its this not knowing that drives us sometimes to get an answer for things that are quite frankly never going to be answered, at least not now.

So happy new year everybody. Welcome to the new home of thehonestone. As for whats going to happen here this year. I Don’t Know…………

We don’t know the future and what it holds, it freaks us out to the utmost. We pay lots of attention and money to things that forecast the future. We even hope God will tell us what to do and what we will do so that we can feel ok with that not knowing feeling don’t we.

The truth is. We don’t need to know the facts. We need to know the Person and walk with Him. Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow it will have its own troubles.

I don’t have all the answers to everything and I am ok with that. Are you……?


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