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The confines of your own beliefs

As we enter 2014, there are so many things going on and life is moving on rapidly. I thought it would be good to focus on what really rules us.

Our beliefs, correct? Whether we like it or not, whether we say so or not, our beliefs rule our actions. We can try and control it, hide it, flaunt it, correct it, but your beliefs will always surface whether intentionally or not. And that may not be a bad thing, but when the real underlying beliefs do not match up with the proposed reality of what we say (and we are normally the last to see this hey). What are we to do then????

And we take a look around us, we will notice that we also tend to stick around people who have similar beliefs….

Scary hey, we tend to live in the confines of our own beliefs. We don’t stray easily. We tend to only live what we know and not stray out of the confines of our already cemented beliefs. It takes courage, bravery and simple faith to step out of this………

What I ask though is, are you willing to step out of the confines of your beliefs? Will you venture into a world where you may not fully understand everything, and it is okay to be that way???

And do we do this in  every area in life? Our relationships? Our jobs? Our Recreation?

I want us to be able to explore the different things in life by having an open approach. I am not meaning doing stuff we know we hate, but not discarding new things simply because we refuse to fight that complacent nature in our inner being. 

I want us to fight our own mouth, and shock it by living what we speak. Take ourselves seriously and also know when to be light hearted.

2014, let it be the year you become you…..









Happy Plastic People……

It’s strange how over time beauty and such things change to a culture, but some things don’t change. It is almost like we need to have an ideal in order to face the reality and dream about that ideal.

I am not saying that we should not dream, but to focus on the ideal (that is not real) is simply a way to lead to an unhappy life.
We are never satisfied with who we are and what we have, because life these days presents itself as perfect via media.

And the tool….

It allows this to happen….

Life is not like magazine covers, its never perfect and never works out “just as planned”. Yet for some reason we always expect it to. I don’t really want to refer to such a thing as average, since average is only there for those who don’t try for what they really want.
So rather let’s say the onlookers and the activators.

People can activate what is already inside of them and get into life and do things. Or they could simply look at those that do.

I am not comfortable with this being the culture ruling state we are in….

Yet for the most part, that is what we expect at the top. We think that the president’s and pop stars and film stars and musicians and the wealthy…….etc…..
all don’t suffer and deal with bad things.
It is mostly because we never hear about the traumas other face. I heard a statement today from a public speaker (a well known one) that “everyone wants to back a winner”.
May be true, but not everybody can win. Sometimes you are going to be the loser and what then? Will no one back you?
I have a particular disgust for pretentious people. they come across as “plastic”. They never have anything wrong with them and always seem together. I keep hanging around waiting for the bomb to drop…..

I prefer to hangout with the flawed and failing because they are trying and more honest. I too want to be successful, but not in a way where I need to discard the broken and the “losers” because they can “do nothing” for me. I was also there at some point and barring a few steps I could be there too.

I prefer real authentic people. They are not afraid to share there faux pas

I know we need something to work towards, but please let’s not make it photoshopped non realities. they are not real and quite frankly they never will be….

the Honest One