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freedom from the current way of viewing it.

The cost of freedom

Freedom we would assume to mean “free” from rules and limits and basically meaning we are able to do whatever we think we need to do.

After all we are free.

Now let me tell a story.

In the bible in acts 3, we see Peter and John walking to the temple and man that was lame all his life begged the 2 guys for money. We all know Peter and John’s response….. They said silver and gold we do not have, but what we have we give to you. They gave him healing and he got up and walked and was free of his disability.
Amazing, yay for Jesus.

Did you ever think about the healed man the next day? Now I am not diminishing the miracle, it was a miracle and it was amazing to the man. He could not disagree God had healed him and he was free and willing to talk to anyone about it.

But here is a guy that had been lame all his life and suddenly when all was said and done….. He had to work for a living now. He could not beg anymore (who really would support and feel sorry for a healthy person capable of working?)

Its now that we realise that being free has consequences. What do we do with ourselves? Yes he can walk, he can move around from place to place, but now he has to become a contributing member in society.

I think this is pretty much an issue we sit with in humanity. We want to be free, we want our own businesses, we want to follow our dreams…. We don’t want to have bosses, we…..

My question is, are you willing to pay the price for freedom. Freedom has a cost. It will cost you time and effort and dedication, commitment, sweat and tears.

Freedom does allow you to be able to do the things that you want to do, but its not automatic and there are rules/principles. E.G. If you want to be homeless and have no bills, you can. But if you want to live in a house and own it, then there are bills like electricity (when there is no load shedding), water, the bond, etc…. You get the point. Life is no different. The concept of freedom does not make you free. You have a part to play in using the freedom and working it in your favour.

Added to this, I don’t freedom is completely self indulgent. I believe that there should be at least some form of selflessness attached to the freedom we have/desire. Even from an early age if you are paying attention in life, you will realise that your life affects others. We cannot just think about ourselves, our friends, our families, our…. Which really is just an extension of mine, mine, mine……
We do not live in an isolated vacuum devoid of connecting to others.

We need to take ownership, you want to start a business…..good you can, but it will take work, research and committment. Faith and belief and generally will stress you out like no other, but its worth it in the long run.

Make it your mission in life to take responsibility and take ownership, even if you don’t own it now. Others are also depending on you.

the honest one


When people get high positions they are important………

Knowledge is power……..

Or at least that is conventional wisdom at the moment…right?

Let me start with Knowledge is power. Let’s use electricity to illustrate (corny hey). Anyway, lets say power exists in the wall socket(although we know that it comes from the company that produces it and sends it to our sockets). Anyway, the power in the socket. Now….does the power exist in the socket whether you know its there or not?

It still exists there, I hope you agree with me. Therefore knowledge of the power in the wall socket does suddenly make it appear. So power is power and not knowledge. Knowledge about that power simply allows you to harness the power for your specific task (hopefully for good and not evil) Wisdom would help you apply that knowledge to your specific situation.

Second thing I wanted to chat about today, is the means by which most of our world is run today. HIERARCHY and positional structures. This is simply my opinion on this (so no political stance is meant in this)

In a normal family we have a father, mother and children. They grow together and form relationships. Normally good ones and the children grow up into well adjusted individuals. And one would think that we would continue the approach out of the family environment. After all it works and its the natural process.

Yet we don’t follow that in life. No, we apply a different model completely in our companies and ruling organisations. We have removed the need for a relationship. We place people in positions and expect people to respect the position clinically. Presidents, C.E.O.’s, Pastors, Managers, Ministers, Leaders, Supervisors……and the list goes on. Sometimes we will hit the jackpot and strike a good relationship or connection with the respective authorities in our lives, but mostly its quite a painful way of life. It is the most foreign thing to have someone “appointed” as a father to you…..yet we apply these things so glibly in our “outer lives”.

Your position does not warrant importance in life…..relationships foster that. Also respect is given, it cannot be taken or forced.

“But how will we control the large amounts of people”…………Why should we need to control them. I know my thoughts are a bit out there, but if we were brought in a relationship rich lifestyle, we would not need to “be controlled”….

I guess I am simply wanting to know, if knowledge is power…..then why do we sit in a world like we are in now?????? There is not a lack of knowledge.

If our western world is so amazing and our leadership structures are so great, why are people afraid to step out there, why are they unwilling to co-operate with the “appointed” authorities all the time?
Why do we find people who will do “anything to get to the top” by brown nosing the “Boss”.

An environment that thrives on “appointing people” is one that seeks to control. It also leads to a lack of expressing the authentic self, since you have something to lose if you are found to be weak.
If life was built around genuine relationships, then it would be hard for “fake people” to exist……

the Honest One