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Momentum is it good?

The quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.
The impetus gained by a moving object

That is the dictionary description of momentum.

For now I would like to adapt the meaning to a more current understanding.

Momentum – It is when something continues without the help of the initiating force…

In short, it is basically every business man’s dream. When the business takes on a life on its own and works without his input anymore. For a company that may be a good thing, but for relationships it might not be so good.
One could even say that when momentum steps in, relationship steps out.
Relationships need continual nurturing and involvement, and does not do well in an environment that seeks automation or minimal effort.

For this reason I ask the question, is momentum a good thing when it comes to lets say church, which is a relational environment. That is the last place that you want momentum. Yet these days I hear the word fly around a lot.
In a business I think that it might be a good thing, where there are normally shortages of staff and so forth. Momentum could help that place, but where relationships are important, I think momentum needs to be kept away from.

Sometimes the trouble with churches is that they run like business, which ultimately defeats the purpose.


What if’s or So What’s……

I grew up in a family of what if’s.
How can you wear that socks? What if you are in an accident? How can you go dressed like that, what if people see you in the road? How can you drive so late, what if you are in an accident? WHAT IF……..

It drove me mad, yet it stuck and replayed always whenever I tried something. My way of coping was to ask myself…..

That 2 words helped me out of the “what if” mentality. I mean “so what” in the sense of “so what if I make a mistake I know they care”.
But the words had to come from something deeper.
And it got me thinking. There are usually 2 driving forces at work behind most of what we are involved with these days. Both have the same goals (mostly) but very different approaches.

Fear and Love, I know it sounds so cliche’ but it really does seem to provide a way for us to do something. Whether we pick up the dirt for fear of the consequences (a dirty yard, authorities,etc.) or whether we pick it up for love for our significant other, parents, flat mates, house mates……. we still end up doing the same action.

But the journey there is so much different isn’t it?

When we are doing it because of fear we do not need much more coaxing and fear alone can get us to do it.
Whereas when we are doing it in love, well the driving force is so much different.

And the characteristics for the two forces are opposites too.

FEAR : Respect enforced, Forced actions for fear of consequence, your opinion not relevant, your personality not really accepted or taken into account.

Most companies hold the salary as a ransom to control your behaviour, please do not tell me that they care about you if they operate that way. They are using fear to get what they want.

LOVE : Now love is very different and the same actions sometimes unfold, but its a longer road. People don’t trust and love easily. Its not like fear is it… You cannot just tell people “I love and care for you” and poof you get instant results…
You have to nurture that environment, you have to respect the people in entirety.

Believe me its easier to get people to fear you and get results. Its not so easy to work with people and develop an atmosphere of mutual respect and love for each other.

I also would warn you that its so very subtle and we do not know the driving force behind our environment so easily.

Maybe “What if” or “So what” can guide you….