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Get Help

Hello All

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Anway, onto todays thought. Maybe sometimes we need to stop helping people, and get help ourselves. I don’t think I am promoting self focussed people here, but I hope you get what I mean. As friends and family and as christian brothers and sisters we tend to jump onto the band wagon of pointing out the right way and give advice to the problem at hand. And yes its good to help people, but not if its at the expense of never really dealing with your own issues.

Jesus speaks about this to his disciples, the story about the ‘Log in your own eye’. Yes He was referring to judgment there, but offering advice to others must be given more sparingly. Also I am not too sure God wants all to be helped in that way.

To explain what I mean, think about it. Jesus never healed all that were sick while He walked the earth. And He said that ‘I only do what I see the Father doing’. Therefore God does not necessarily want to heal all (or at least all in the same way). I think that their is merit sometimes in just letting some people work through it, it ultimately will come to a solution. But a more involved one where you grow through the process. Sometimes we just add to the noise thats already going. Sometimes we need the trauma to wake us out of our fog we in. Sometimes we don’t need someone telling us the solutions. Sometimes its not the will of God to ‘help’ you now.

Sometimes He is ‘helping’ you by not ‘helping’. I just notice there is no shortage of people trying to tell you what the problem is and then offer the solution or even just the solution. And I am sure that there are times when that is necessary, but if you really look at yourself and words, and more of your words that you use are in giving others advice….. Well then slow down maybe, just maybe you need to listen.

Anyway Bye for now THO