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Fifty shades of……#SONA2015

I warn you, I write today because of some annoyances. And no it is not a stern warning not to watch fifty shades of grey. As far as I am concerned, watch it or don’t watch I really don’t have an opinion on that one.

On valentine’s day the movie of Fifty shades of grey was released and to no small hoopla from various groups, Christians and feminists…. and the rest.

My question to whoever has a comment is…

50 shades

Have you read the book?

I think it is rather small minded to not have read the book, yet have much to say about it. Even worse share articles against it and generally warn people.

I am not saying read the book or watch the movie (and by writing this I know I am adding to it all). But surely our society should be at a stage where we are able to tell what is good us and what is not. We cannot stick our heads into the sand and hope we never come across evil so we can make it to the end…. I would rather learn the truth and be able to identify the lies because I know what is true.

For this reason I think I would rather believe that we live in a society that is able to judge for itself and is able to look objectively for itself……

The warnings I have read like “the movie and books are only wanting your money, don’t be fooled” Really? Are people so frivolous? What about pharmaceutical companies, nobody seems to have an issue there, yet they also “want your money” and care very little about your life. What about big corporates, they don’t care about you and they just want your money, how are they any different suddenly to the fifty shades of grey parade. Yet people work for them and plod along mindlessly.
Part of being free and having freedom is that rubbish is also there. Trying to avoid it by never looking at it is not a way to deal with it.

Inadvertently the very people who are trying to stop the book/movie are actually the biggest sales people for the franchise. How do you like that?

Which leads me to my second topic. Our State of the Nation speech event (South Africa).

– Our government installed signal jammers (knowingly and pre meditated)
– They silenced a legitimate question (Made by Julius Malema)
– They had the whole EFF group forcibly removed from Parliament
– It is sort of known that this was actually policeman dressed in white shirts and black pants.
– The DA walked out due to the injustice displayed by ANC

Personally I am happy that it has occurred. Because if there was ever a question in your mind that there are hidden agendas and that the ANC tries to hide this, this event made them play their hand in front of all.

This proves that there are many issues we South Africans need to deal with. And that people in our country really are willing to just accept absolute disregard for people and the welfare of others.
Yes there were atrocities in Apartheid, but does that justify what is happening now? And if we could all open our eyes, it was not only black people that suffered.

Yes we cannot run away from the colour issue yet, because we still have not learned our lesson.

And due to impatience the oppressed want what is due to them. Yes I agree life is not fair, it will never be. Drug dealers have great lives at the expense of the lives they ruin, and that will continue for a long time, but we cannot demand what we want simply because we think it is owed to us. We are then no different to those drug dealers. We only tell ourselves we are better off…..

To tie it all up together, true freedom has a cost, it means we have to think for ourselves like with the fifty shades of grey story, make your own decisions.

And with regards to #SONA2015, here we need to fight. And it takes mature and wise people to know when to stand back and when to fight. I am not telling you what to do, but rather I hope it makes you think further than just the things that we see.


Coming back to life soon

Hi all

I know I have been a bit quiet. Well its coming to an end soon.

Also the blog will be moving away from wordpress.com. I have been fighting it out in the backend, but its coming together slowly.

It will be thehonestone.co.za (because I am in South Africa I thought it best to go with the .co.za)

I will give a holler when its closer to live time, but I could not resist harassing you guys with a tiny post….

Until then………

the Honest One

Sticks and stones….But names will never……

I suppose we all know the old saying “Sticks and stones can hurt my bones, but names will never hurt me…” Could not be further from the truth hey….

If anything the names will hurt you in a far more vivid manner and could cause you life long pain rather than being physically hurt. We spend way more time nursing our inner wounds than we do our outer ones.

Which brings me to our country’s current trending topics. RACISM. I can think of 3 separate occurrences that have happened in the last few months that sparked a nationwide comment frenzy and reaction.

First being the Grabouw incident where Black and Coloured (mixed race) fought over their differences.

I think of Jessica Leandra (the FHM model) that made her “racial” comment on twitter that caused her to lose her sponsorship (ridiculous don’t you think?) check it out here

Ken Sinclair’s comment on facebook has caused him to be suspended. Check it out

Reading about all this has made me quite happy……I know, I know you may think me to be some weird and sadistic, but if you give me a moment you might just agree…
IMO, South Africa changed far too quickly. If we want any form of lasting change in our lives, they normally come over long periods of time and with much trauma. Also any form of real change has to be from the inside out and a collective decision.
That was not the case here, too many things hinged off one thing, Mandela’s reaction. But since he came out with a non violent approach, no one dared approach it with any form of violence. Look I am not saying that what he did was not a great thing, but people had anger and anger unexpressed evolves into all sorts of strange outworkings. But nevertheless, South Africa did have change, and the world took note.

But mostly what the people here had was a knee jerk reaction. Now even simple words were taken out of context and everyone avoids the possibility of having the idea that they could be a racist. Even if one is one, no one will dare say it aloud. For obvious reasons don’t you think.

You stand to lose a lot by declaring your honest opinion. I am not saying we are all racist, I just mean that beliefs do not disappear simply because we want them to go. Some people are in fact prejudiced still and that will take time to change. But change never comes without fights and differences of opinion, it means a healthy approach. In some cases it may have just been better to fight it out rather than have the silence…..Silence is only good if the issues inside are dealt with. And to deal with the issues you have to be honest. I think as a nation we finally getting to the point of honesty. (at least the start)

Why I say I am happy about the people’s racial comments and actions, well, they are being honest. And it means that for once we are not sugar coating our real selves. I do think its ridiculous for the student to be suspended and for the model to lose her sponsorship, I think its an overreaction, but hey that’s just me. We all make mistakes and we all have our little beliefs that others would find offensive. But to imply that no one else thinks that way, well…… And the people in question did try and bring restitution after the events. To me that settles it. On the plus side, I have never seen so many comments on articles by South Africans….so I am quite happy that people are willing to give their opinions.

Ooh and another proud moment for me as a South African is when the Etoll story came to a grinding halt.

I have never seen such unified actions by our people.
I think we are at a good starting place for now…..

the Honest One

The Secrecy Bill………..

This was simply too much for me not to comment on…… For those not aware of South Africa’s new “secrecy bill” which, in short, is a bill that is proposing that no media can publicize any state information even if it exposes corruption. Basically journalists cannot just report information without “permission or declassification”. Its a bit more elaborate than that, but that’s the gist of it. And there are quite stiff penalties for it should a whistle blower decide to risk it all….up to 25 years in jail await them…

My first question is of course…..Who passes such a bill without having something to hide to begin with? Secondly, what lies behind and after this? How far will this go, and to what level of lunacy must it get to before before the wool is removed from our eyes?

Cannot really be bothered by it all, since I really believe the state has been doing this all along, just now they are trying to make it a law. One thing I must say is everybody has a voice suddenly, which is good. One thing we cannot say is that the ruling party never got us together. Okay so they got us all together against them, but hey, if it works it works hey.

But I think my personal best thing in my life is, now I can go on living my life in peace. There will be corruption, lies, theft, just plain ridiculous goings on…….
But I don’t have to hear about it anymore 🙂

So now I can go on with my seemingly mundane existence, with not a care in the world. Because if no one says there is corruption then there is no corruption right?

Just because if the government says they have our best interest at heart, then that means they do have our best interests at heart….right?
I liken the way its going now like driving a car, but we don’t like what we see in the rear view mirror. We therefore just remove rear view mirrors and waalaaa no more problems. Our past does not exist because we can’t see it…. So we move on and don’t learn from our past mistakes.

I think the government has forgotten who they are, servants of the people. We do not serve the state, its the other way around. Unless I never got the memo….

But let me crawl back into my little hole and go on with my life. At least it will be slightly peaceful now.

Oh yes, and wake me up when the dictatorship is revealed for what it really is…..then I will comment again……..


I can’t B.E.E.lieve it…..

Black Economic Empowerment……mmmmmmmm….. I cannot say I was ever a believer of B.E.E.

My own personal thoughts on it, is that it is a knee jerk reaction to the atrocities done to the black people of our land. I don’t condone what was done in apartheid, but I really do not think B.E.E. and affirmative action is the solution to the problem.

The reason why I call it a knee jerk reaction is because it has the almost invisible drive behind it of “We want it all and we want it now”. Change takes time and normally it requires one or two generations to take the sacrifice for fixing the problem. This has not happened at all in South Africa. We had decades of apartheid, and in a paltry 14-15 years we want it all fixed and the people benefiting already.
Its like applying steroids to your body building process. It works quickly, but ultimately wreaks havoc on the body.

To make things worse, who has race colour on their lips more often than anyone else? B.E.E. forces and reminds us of our colour differences. Yes what was done was wrong, to have one race oppress another simply because of their skin colour is wrong. But is the answer to penalize them on the same basis? Which is exactly what the B.E.E. process does, label people and class them so we can put forward a bunch of people regardless of skill and ability, and simply place them in positions because they are the right colour. Where will it stop?

Also it catapults us into an arena with little education. Skills need education, and certain professions take time and passion. Its not based on skin colour. What about a level of competency? What about entrepreneurship? Should I not venture into those things because I am not black enough? Do I sit back and allow the stupidity of this system to continue, and we will spiral into a depth of circular living, should we demand that people be employed simply to equalise the colour barrier.

Lets take America for example, how long did they take to have a black president (though I would hardly call him black)?

I see now our country is planning on having racial equity fines. Unbelievable hey. If we want more black people in management, allow people the freedom to choose to be educated in the area of passion, like all of the other South Africans had to do it. If you want a more balanced racial business world, allow people the time to develop a passion for it and they will take the reigns themselves.

Lets focus on building a country where people really are free to explore life and not be judged by what skin colour and let that be the determining factor as to whether they will succeed or not…

What do you think?


Check out this blog post I stumbled upon, he made a good point about the christian life Click here

My Defense for South Africa……

When one has a low self image, everybody has better everything than you. Better eyes, hair, legs, feet, face, car, house, job……(fill in the blanks)
Its almost like trying to come up for air when under water, and you manage to just gasp some air for a moment and then you are forced down again, to fight and repeat the process without relief.

I know this because I used to suffer from it myself. I say suffer because that is what it feels like. Everyone else is okay, but I am not, in almost every situation.

South Africans in general (by this I mean the majority) don’t seem to support each other when it comes to ability to do something. I could just direct your attention to our music sales in the country. All music from abroad sells, our artists struggle to survive. Few make it into the full time music industry. The reason?

We do not support our artists because we believe they are not as good as the artists abroad. We believe, somehow that everyone across the ocean is better than what we hear right here. This does not just apply to music, it applies in the film arena, most careers too. Churches there are “better” than here. Anybody with a different accent suddenly gets our attention….

Most young adults simply want to get out of the country and work overseas….. as if that makes it so much more different than working here..

But getting back to the story on top, don’t you think it sounds the same. Its a low self image on a national scale. Everybody is better than us.

I mean let’s be honest, yes our government does some really strange things, they definitely do not know what they doing all the time. But does the States? I am sure if you follow the news then you will know what debt concerns the States has. They do not have it altogether.

The Euro Zone, most certainly do not have it all right either. I can go on and on here. The Australians don’t have it altogether either. All countries have their problems.

We know that, yet somehow we think that they got it so much better there than here. You know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” and I am sure you have heard the rebuttal “but the water bill is so much higher there”.

Yes we have high crime stats, yes we have issues in racial areas still, yes our quality of life is not up to standard comparing to the international levels. Yes we have low bars for our education, yes we have lots of areas which are covered by informal settlements….

But our real problem is that we have yet to see our true value. We as a country simply suffer from a poor self image.

How do we fix it? Well how does an individual fix it? Its called a self image, therefore only you can do something about that. Stop believing the lies that we are not good enough.

We have the skills, the capabilities, the intelligence, the passion, the resources, the talent, the character, the ability…. Its just seems we are the last to see it.

So there in a nutshell is my defense for our country.

Just remember, every country presents their best foot forward. They also have their issues. So if you want to leave here because you have issues with how its done here….guess what…. You will have issues there too. Even worse, because you will be the foreigner.

And our music, film and arts industry is quite good. Granted its a small one, but hey, we have to start somewhere don’t we?

What are your thoughts on this?