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Fighting Change

5He looked around at them in anger and, deeply distressed at their stubborn hearts, said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” He stretched it out, and his hand was completely restored. 6Then the Pharisees went out and began to plot with the Herodians how they might kill Jesus.   Mark 3 vs 5-6


It never fails to intrigue me. The way we fight something different that is in front of us. The reason I chose to show that scripture above  for a very specific reason.

Firstly the debate between the Pharisees and Jesus and then a direct display of the miracle happens in front of their eyes. The result….. exuberance and complete joy by all as they discover that God is in their midst…….

Nope, they plot to kill Jesus. How is that even remotely possible?

The status quo IMO is probably the most fought for thing in this world. More than anything. And once the masses pick up on it, there really is a mountain against the thought of change.

It happens on every level in life and scales to the largest entities. From the home, to school, to work, to life, to relationships, to companies, to empires, to movements, to cultures.

There are certain parts in my life that I really don’t want change in, and I fight it. There is a tendency in all of us as humans to want to revert to what we know all the time. Its an inbuilt mechanism designed to keep you where you are. Think about it. How often have you grown by doing and being involved with the same things and people.

When I was clubbing, guess what? Nothing more than the same thing ever occurred in my life. More drinking, more clubs and repeat. When I wanted to change, everyone around me could not grasp why. I am not saying it was easy or clear in my head at the time, but I needed to change and everything in me fought it. Granted I was in desperation mode  and it usually takes that level of desperation in me to want to change. I hang on for dear life to what I know, until I have to let it go.

We all do this. The question that I ask you today is where do you stand on change?

Now back to the actual point I was trying to get across. The Pharisees were “keepers of the truth”. Their lives revolved around the scriptures and maintaining the standards of truth. Yet, there was Jesus, the Truth Himself. And they plot to kill him because He did not fit their plans and ideas.

I don’t know how that is possible to reason. I know I do that too in life, but it really still mystifies me. I think it boils down to the fact that we just do not like to change, especially if it means it involves ourselves. I know its very easy to find an audience that identifies with your view point. Actually its easy to fill a stadium with people that agree with you on whatever side you find yourself on. But do you plot against change in your life?

When someone different or something different comes along your path, do you judge it according to all you already know?

Or are you open to the possibility that this might be the truth in front of you, trying to revolutionize your life and mind?

I am not asking you to hug and embrace change for change sake. But I ask that you at least consider that something different will definitely bring a different outcome to what is already happening in life.

Now yes you might lose some things here. And I think that is really what the Pharisees were working against. They feared that they would lose what they had right then. And of course yes you could let go of your power and control and never have it ever again, you might lose that person and never find another one. (you can clearly see I have been through this way too many times ha ha ha)

I guess I am asking you to think a but deeper and maybe not accept the level of comfort you have now. Also take a look around, the things that we fighting…… The people in our lives….. The company you are at, your business, your company you keep, the church you are at…..

I know change is hard, and life is tough. Maybe you are the agent of change, use tact, but speak the truth even if it feels like you will lose everything you know now. It is never easy being the odd one out, but an you really live with yourself knowing that you never spoke up, you let it go that way. You never did anthing about what you really wanted, you allowed the truth to slip through your fingers to remain on the side of comfort…..

When change comes knocking what are you going to do?

Plot against or allow it to shape you into who you are meant to be?





The 2 degree difference

I read a book while ago(most of it at least). It was called the 2 degree difference. Before I explain what the book is about lets look at a few things first.

2 degrees physically measured is virtually nothing.

But once there is a degree shift from a point, the lines never join again. In fact with time and distance applied the distance becomes even further than the original point. And this is where the 2 degree difference affects us.

In life often we find ourselves on a path that we never intended on being on. This happens even with the best of intentions. And this is where the book above can help shed some light on it.

We never end up on the wrong road by drastic measures like 180 degree turns do we?
No, but its those minute decisions and little errors that added together make us take a wrong road or direction.

And the author John Trent reasons that if that is how we ended up on the wrong road, well then that is how we should return to the right road.

I agree…. lets take for example we go to the doctor and take some tests and we discover that our blood sugar levels, blood pressure and everything else is off the charts……

The most common response is that we suddenly change our diet, we start exercising, we are open to suggestion. You know the drastic measures applied immediately. We don’t stop to think, but hey……..I got here over time and incrementally(2 degrees)….

The only way out is the same way we got there, slowly over a period of time.

Another way the 2 degree principle helped me, was in starting a change. Every winter I have a few additions in my life, I add a few kilograms, a few centimetres, etc. And when it comes to spring and time to hop on the bicycle I always am so shocked as to how on earth did I pick up so much weight. One would think after all these years I would learn my lesson, but nonetheless I always find myself there.

And when i think of all the drama of exercising and eating right again its very easy not to start at all. I then approach it in 2 degree steps. I start adding one little thing or taking one little thing away. And over a period of time I am back in lets say better shape for now.

Moral of the story, if you find yourself very far from where you intended, don’ try and do drastic measures to return to where you need to be, after all it was not drastic steps that got you to where you are now. And at the same time don’t look at the process of getting to the right road as this monumental step that is so huge and blocking your life.

Take each 2 degree step one at a time…….. soon you will be back where you need to be.