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The Greatest Love you’ll never know…

There is a South African group that sings a song that goes by that title. To be more specific the chorus goes “I’m the greatest love you’ll never know”.

I get their sentiment, but I am not using it today in that context.

I was thinking….we all want to be loved. And we spend a lot of energy seeking that. Whether it be knowingly or unknowingly. But we do seek and need to be loved. And I mean in the purer sense, the love where we are completely accepted for who we are. But that is not what I want to chat about today either.

So why does love elude us so? We seek and seek and fight, but never find it. Why? What is the greatest love we will never know?

Answer : The love we never explore.

And I guess one could apply that globally across all areas of life.

What is the best job you’ll never have? The one you never apply for, right?

What is the best hobby for you? The one you never try.

What are the best businesses that we don’t see? The ideas you do not act upon.

You see the point? We have a certain criteria attached to how what and where all these things must come to us. On our own terms. Yet when something different to what we expect comes in our path we (because of our own filters) don’t accept them.

I cannot begin to tell you the amount of people I see making strange decisions. Women choosing really bad men, guys never fighting for what they want. People giving up on dreams.
Letting life hit them down.

So we have all that going on and then we decide not to explore. This is why I say the greatest love you’ll never know.

Let’s take God for instance. Certain people buy into the rubbish out there (evolution, materialism, existentialism, atheism…..) And they never come to the real Love in life. They will never know Him because they do not explore Him.

Anyway, that’s just my thoughts on it.

What do you think?


Our concept of beauty

What do we as a culture consider beautiful? If you did a quick glance it would be the blonde haired, fair skinned (maybe slightly tanned) and blue eyes.
So maybe that is not what everyone considers, but it certainly is the majority opinion at least looking from what they punt in magazines and television.

What if I told you that if every person looked like that, the human race would most likely disappear. Guess why….
Okay, guess again… Still no idea?

Its to do with genetics. And I warn you, my entire knowledge of this subject is scary. So I will not go in depth simply because I do not know it in depth. Blue eyes, fair skinned, blonde hair are the weakest genes of the lot. And we seem to place it up there.
Strange…. seems to me that we have it backwards.

Let me explain as best I can. Every single cell we have has the ability to do everything our body needs. But lets say the cell in our arm for example, it does not need to function like a brain cell therefore those functions are simply turned off. But the capability still exists for all functions.

Anyway, back to the point. If one works backwards then blue eyes can develop from brown eyes, but not the other way. Because blue eyes are the recessive gene type (meaning the weakest one on the outskirts) And to have blue eyes somewhere in the history there would have to be brown eyes (the stronger gene type). Likewise with skin colour. You will notice I am alluding to something here.

White people actually come from coloured people, rather than the other way around. Ha ha ha. Anyway, going back to the beginning, Adam would of had to be smack in the middle (olive skinned) brown eyes and black (brown) hair in order for all races to develop from him. Thats it coloured people rule……ha ha ha. Now we shall take over the world. Just kidding (but on a side note, if all the people start mixing races, soon all the world will be coloured)

My point you ask? Just simply that what we place emphasis on is not always the real strength. We focus mostly on what is shoved down our throats, and its so subtle. What is physical beauty to you? What defines it for you?

We don’t see the genetic level , because our physical eyes are not capable of seeing there. And its much like life. The real strength and worth of people are on the inside, not so easily seen with the naked eye…..

Maybe our eyes need to start seeing further than what is…….


working knowledge

I have been working in the sound industry for just over 11 years now. Before that I studied sound recording for 3 years and a small stint in electrical engineering before that.
In a nutshell, one could say that I should have a bit of experience in the field of sound, if not then I must be a brick…. Being around anything for that length of time gives you an edge and experience which few others have. This is why people call now for assistance in their sound requirements. They need help and who do they call? The student fresh out of college, or the seasoned professional?

When looking to lose weight, you will sooner go to a person who has lost weight than someone who just tells you what to do, right?
When buying anything its always better to run your decision by someone who bought the same thing before.
When planning on doing a course, is it not always better to run things by a person who has done the course before?
When you need surgery, who do you seek help from? The student fresh out of college or the experienced surgeon?

Why? Theory has its merits, but anyone who has been around for a while will soon acknowledge that theory has its limits and when put in practice it never quite fits into the text book examples does it?

I had a really frustrating conversation with someone the other day, it was after an event. He was basically sharing his opinion on the current technology and how we use it in sound. Basically he was saying that the whole world is wrong and he knows why. I asked him if he knew better than everyone else that run the shows all over the world, he said yes, without even flinching. Crackpots I tell you, they exist all over. As if that was not bad enough, I asked him what sound systems he used, and he said none, because that is not relevant to our conversation. I walked away…….

It will take years to flesh out a seasoned individual in any trade out there. Simply because theory is taught in ideals, but reality has so many variables. This poor guy was not willing to deal with the variables and reality that things in practice are always different from the theoretical side. Thats no reason not to get involved.

Today I want to talk to you about people who quote scripture to validate what they are saying to you. They already believe something and simply use scripture to validate that thought process. But they have a theory which they hold to.
I am not talking about scriptures being quoted to emphasize Holy Living and that lift Jesus up, thats good and proper use of it. But people who have no working knowledge of the scriptures at all, you know those people who spend years memorizing scriptures in some bible classes and get some revelations and suddenly they on a “mission” to save the world from their “deception”.

Firstly Jesus Himself said in Matt. 9:37 “The harvest is plenty, but the “workers” are few……”. He did not say but those who know scriptures are few, those who study the scriptures are few, those students are few. He said the workers. Doers, people who have a working knowledge are few.

I am personally quite tired of people flapping scriptures back and forth with little or no working knowledge of what the scripture actually is. I emphasize that only when you turn 30 will you begin to have an inkling, and then and only then will you realise how little we do know. I am not asking people to do their homework, we have done enough theory for centuries. I am asking people to go out there and live. Find out what works and what does not work. And when you don’t understand a scripture, who is the best to speak to? A student that spent 3 years in bible school or someone who has lived that scripture a few times over?

You know what I mean, I mean really live…..



South Africans collectively suffer from l.s.i.

Now before I clarify what that means. When I say South Africans, I mean generally speaking and how we function as a whole nation. Obviously there are individuals that do not fit into that, but I would say they are the exception and not the rule.
Therefore please do not shoot me.

L – Low
S – Self
I – Image

What makes me say that? I been around a bit and seen a bit and I notice a trend amongst us. We tend to view anything that comes from across the ocean as better than what is here. If you don’t believe me, go ask any musician that is trying to make a living off original music here.

It has filtered down to almost every area and I personally think it is a bit more ingrained in us than we will admit to.
If we look into history then we will see how long it takes for a nation to develop an identity. The U.S.A. took a few decades if not a few 100 years. Australia had its centuries to develop into what it is now. The U.K. most certainly happen overnight. I will spare you the details, but needless to say I think you get the point.

Now getting back to the point. I guess this reminds me of a previous post the butterfly dilemma.

I just wonder why we are so quick to throw away our own in the name of the “something better”. You know the saying the grass is greener on the other side, but remember the water bill is higher too.

So now planetshakers are here as well as hillsongs. I have never expressed happiness that they are here. And you know, they can do what they want. But what I don’t understand is the people who flock there. I know we like to check out new things and that is good. But whats the trade off?

Will we never fight what we need to fight to find whats inside of us. And this has happened mostly unhindered for other nations. It just seems we are being exploited here. Our country is full of resources and talent, and a huge potential for expressing ourselves fully to the world.

We just seem to be the last people to see it…..

under priviliged

I had the privilege of knowing that in my country we had the oppression of one race over another purely because of skin colour.
I had the privilege of seeing riots among different people in the same country simply to define that some are better than others.
I had the privilege of seeing people abused and used.
I had the privilege of seeing countries manipulate other countries for their own personal agendas.
I had the privilege of seeing a world in desperate need of help, but saying its ok…
I had the privilege of seeing lives destroyed by drugs.
I had the privilege of seeing friends of mine destroyed by alcohol.
I had the privilege of knowing that corporates trample upon on small businesses and wiping some people out financially.
I have the privilege of knowing how our financial markets are manipulates into keeping some poor and others wealthy.
I have the privilege of seeing some christians use and abuse the system for their own benefit.
I have the privilege of seeing some churches milk and bleed the flock out of every last cent they have. “All for the Kingdom” they say.
I have the privilege of knowing that the truth is not known by everyone. And the ones who do know it, don’t share it too easily.
I have the privilege of knowing that most people mean you no good. I see it everyday.
I have the privilege of seeing companies suck their employees live s away from them. For what? The bottom line?
I have the privilege of knowing that women are raped, men are emasculated (same thing if you ask me). All because we do not know who we are anymore.
I have the privilege………

The last thing I am is under privileged………

be nice

Hello everyone

I often get that statement told to me ………. be nice. I wonder why?

–adjective, nic·er, nic·est.
pleasing; agreeable; delightful: a nice visit.
amiably pleasant; kind: They are always nice to strangers.

I know why people want that, I am not sure whether people fully understand what they say no to by demanding that people be nice.

For 1, Jesus was most certainly not nice. He called some people a brood of vipers, He told Peter, get behind me satan, He told a woman that He cannot give the food to dogs (implying her). Thats not nice.

We live in a world today that likes lies. We greet each other and ask how the other is, but we really don’t stay around for an answer. We go to church and if anybody presses our buttons we out of there like a cat in water. We go to work and we cannot speak our minds lest we offend someone.
Our greatest thing that we avoid at all costs is to offend someone. So we live in a lie of being NICE.

N – Never
I – Inspiring
C – Correct
E – Expression

We are not truthful with each other, if we decide to speak the truth, then we are accused of not being nice. Now I ask you, how did you develop with everyone being “nice” to you. I am not talking about normal civil behaviour where you are treated like a human (we need more of that).
I am talking about people not speaking the truth to you in the name of being nice.

I prefer people to tell me the truth than to spare my feelings. It ultimately helps me better.

On the fact that Jesus was not nice. He was good not nice and there is a vast difference between the 2…..

Be Good


the eagle story

Today is a guest post by……. -A-. a bit of a departure and maybe a good one. hopefully this will happen more often….

A couple of weeks ago I went to church feeling very disconnected spiritually. I could not quite understand the reason for this as I had recently been walking very closely with the Holy Spirit. Even so I joined a group of friends in prayer before the service started sitting quietly in agreement. While they were praying I met with a magnificent eagle in a vision, as he was flying I appeared on the one side of him looking directly into his eye. As I looked at him he noticed me, gently peering back into my spirit, what reflected from his eye was a golden glow of light.

Later that week I found out that eagles are the only creatures that can look directly into the sun, and in a spiritual context directly into the Glory of God. That I must admit sounded pretty awesome and if the eagle was seeing the Glory of God in me then I must be on the right track or so I thought.

Days past, as I woke up one morning and looked out my bedroom window like I do every morning as the view is quite spectacular from up the mountain where I live. This particular morning I saw an eagle soaring over the lower part of Somerset West, which after 4 years of living there I had never seen. He was huge with wings spread beautifully while gracefully mapping out the sky. Again I wondered… and prayed that night asking for scripture, the eagle was definitely significant and I had no idea what the Holy Spirit was trying to convey. As I opened my bible I was guided to John 12 where a few specific scriptures had caught my eye. Still I was unsure, the message was not clear to me at all. I ended up a day later in conversation with a friend discussing her dreams after which I mentioned the vision I had initially. “Strange” she said and mentioned that she had visited a lady during the week that collected stones. She specifically marveled at one, which was called a “Eagle Eye Agate”. Another confirmation… Now I was curious, but knew from my past to be patient and listen for the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit and not to try to come to any conclusion on my own.

For no reason one evening the following words popped into my head and repeated, “Obedience is key, obedience is key” When this happens I tend to make a quick note somewhere to remind myself as I’ve personally experienced repetition of a phrase as a clear communication to my spirit.

After all that I happened to listen to a sermon, the women testified how her mother had ministered to an old age home and had been guided by the spirit to read the word of God to an elderly lady who hadn’t been able to speak for months. Because she had been obedient and spoke the word of God into the spirit of this woman blessing her, she had regained her ability to talk after all that time.
Suddenly it struck home the Holy Spirit had clearly guided me a few weeks earlier specifically commanding me to do a something significant. I remembered after weeks that I had never obeyed his request. I was to go to my workplace early one morning before anyone arrived and speak the word of God into the offices, to anoint the place with oil and speak life & blessings. I was to be the light in a place of darkness and through obedience the Father would claim back what is his. The eagle looked deep inside my spirit straight into the son to remind me that it’s not me he sees but the one who sent me because he knows it’s not about me it’s about the Glory of God. The one I had so conveniently for my own selfish reasons chosen not to obey.

John 12:44 Then Jesus cried out, “Whoever believes in me does not believe in me only, but in the one who sent me. 45 The one who looks at me is seeing the one who sent me. 46 I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.

All I was to do was walk in the light, a “child of light” and obey his command, but I totally missed it.

John 12:35 Then Jesus told them, “You are going to have the light just a little while longer. Walk while you have the light, before darkness overtakes you. Whoever walks in the dark does not know where they are going. 36 Believe in the light while you have the light, so that you may become children of light.” When he had finished speaking, Jesus left and hid himself from them.

I had faithfully been obedient up until the point that I wasn’t. Throughout the Bible, God likens Himself and His children to an eagle, and he protects feeds and teaches his children as an eagle protects feeds and teaches it young ones. The Father gently by his perfect nature went through all that to teach me to walk in his Kingdom light in his perfect will. We must obey his word, his guidance unconditionally without fail; remembering the following words of Jesus:

John 12:49 For I did not speak on my own, but the Father who sent me commanded me to say all that I have spoken. 50 I know that his command leads to eternal life. So whatever I say is just what the Father has told me to say.”

“I know that his command leads to eternal life.”

When God leads us down a path and instructs us to do specific things, it is not just for his amusement. When we obey him we significantly contribute towards the lives of others creating a swell which ripples forward into the great divine Glory of God. It is for fruit, it is for love, it is for blessings, it is for eternal live of not just ourselves but of those around us. The truth is obedience is key, obedience is key…



We are getting “stupider” by the day…..

Its commonly believed that we are getting more intelligent as we progress and technology improves. It would make sense hey, since we do more with less effort every year. We achieve greater efficiency almost monthly.

We find ways to get there faster and faster.

But I do not think we are getting more intelligent. When I was at primary school (not so long ago) we worked out math problems by hand and manually. We did long division and so forth. I just don’t do that anymore. And why should I? I have a calculator on my phone.

Think about it. The people who never had computers, they still did what they did. With much less resources. If we are supposed to be civilised and ancient man primitive, how did they build what they built?

The Israelites made a cow from gold. How did they do that? If I take my own industry, the theory of sound and its behaviour was discovered years before the technology existed to be able to do what we do today. The people who wrote about that never had computers to do the work. All the math, science was in their heads and abilities.

The great works of art are in history from many centuries ago. I can go on and on, but I want to bring our attention to this……

L.C.D. the Lowest Common Denominator. (you remember that from primary school mathematics???).

You will find this everywhere these days. We have it at work, in life, at church, social groups, ad campaigns, etc….

So what do I mean? Well look at it. When we address a crowd, we cater for the lowest denominator. We shoot for the weakest level of understanding. This allows for everyone to “get it”. And they do, but have we ever asked ourselves if maybe, this in itself causes the ones who can think to stop thinking?

If people in the past with far less technology and resources, still did what they did. Where do we fit now? We do far less with more…

Is it because we cater for the lowest common denominator. Why do we not set the bar higher and help lift the people to a higher way?

When we preach a sermon, why do we not shoot it higher and not explain so much? Jesus did it that way. Don’t believe me. Go look for yourself. He never made it easy for the people. And hardly stayed around to explain His point of view. Sure if asked He would explain, but Jesus never spoon fed.

Because when you spoon feed……………….you get babies. And babies do not need to think for themselves do they?

Maybe we should expect more of each other, instead of dumbing down things to make it more accessible.



So Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Now we have to ask is the world a better place? I for one am not into terrorism, but I sat yesterday and listened as Obama announced to the world that Osama had been killed. Funnily enough there is a rhyme there hey.

It made me think though, its like the world breathed a sigh of relief. Was that one man the reason for all the problems? I guess we had to use him as a scapegoat to make ourselves feel better about ourselves, and justify that hunting someone down and killing them off is better for us.

Maybe it is justice being meted out. I won’t know so I will wait and see how all this pans out. But that is not what I wanted to focus on today. Just seemed weird to me how everyone is rejoicing that someone was hunted and killed. As if it really changes our lives personally here…….

So what I wanted to discuss is choosing a scapegoat for our problems. We also tend to do that sometimes. We think if only we can deal with the one obvious wrong thing in our lives then our life will be perfect. We want to kill the “Osama” in our lives because then we will be ok and free…..

I have come to realise that its the whole picture that counts and not just the big fish. Sure the big things help. “Its the little foxes that spoil the vines”. Its easier to blame the one thing in our lives for all our trouble when really its the combination of it all.

So best to deal with all the small ones and maybe then the big ones won’t be so big…..

Anyway, just my take on it I guess.