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Our little corner

We live in a big world with many options and opinions. With all that going on it tends to make one question what is really real….at least that’s what I sit around and ponder.
It is something that has always escaped my comprehension, the fact that there are so many options of the same thing….So many different coffees, teas, cars, and in every area of life.

The serious stuff, like work, religion, politics, worldviews, relationships, marriage…. I can go on. I think the reality of life is made worse by the fact that not one person is truly objective in all things. So it makes for a precarious job to try and navigate the waters here.

To make it simple I decided to use the current show I am working on at the moment. Burn The Floor.

Now I am sure everyone here has watched a show or 2 in their life. And if you are an audience member then this is what you see

Should anyone ask you what and how the show was….you would comment based on what you saw and experienced, right?
But you are not seeing everything. My point being that there is a reality that is happening right at that moment.

Let me show you what you don’t normally see. From where I am sitting on this particular show.


Okay so my photo taking skills suck. But its the same reality happening, but from the backstage perspective. Same reality but different. Is it any less true?
The show goes on with both of these “realities” happening. Yet both of us experience very different things.

The trouble comes when I force my perspective onto the one who sees it from the front as an audience member saying that my experience is the real one and the other is illusion.

We really are both seeing the same thing differently.

The trouble in life is that we only see from our little corner. Which is not wrong. Its when we try and force our little corner as the only reality that exists and make it a truth on its own that we hit our dilemma.

I think the only way to resolve it is to accept the fact that given different perspectives , there really is only one reality happening. But in order to understand it you have to look at it from every perspective to know the truth of the matter.
And since we cannot see it from all angles we sit in a predicament. This being that we need each other in order to get the full picture.

I hope that all makes sense.

Don’t sit in your little corner and force everything to be looked at it that way.

the Honest One

Miss me????

I have always wondered why on earth people ask me that question. “Did you miss me?” or “Do you miss me?”

How will that answer to the question not end up with the asker getting hurt?

What possible reason would anyone ask that? Is it because you need to feel okay? My theory is that it has nothing to do with me at all. It’s got to do with the missee (yes that’s right I made up a word)

What they really asking is, “am I important to you?” And its an unfair question to ask, don’t you think?
Firstly I am not in the habit of responding with a yes and if you are asking to find out if you are important to me…….well. I should cover your bill for the first visit to the shrink (there will be more hey).
On second thought, this might bankrupt me. Rather, I suggest you see one. (I know a few so I can recommend…….)

But I do have some straight talk to you if you are one of those….

Good advice hey, stop looking and start being. Let them miss you organically. Its so much better when it is said spontaneously.

That’s it for today.

the Honest One

Our biggest blind spot

We live in a simple yet very complex world.

Simple in the sense that it does not take a lot to live in the daily grind. We drink, eat, work and sleep. And all things in between….right?

Its when we try and get by with the other people on earth that things start getting a bit complex. Since none of us are telepathic (at least I am not), in order for us to get along with others we have to do that dreadful thing and use words to describe what we would like to convey to the other person.

We all have blind spots and this leads to further complexities. Since most of us like to point out the other one’s blind spots, it gets more difficult to balance it all.

So what can we do to help the process?

I am open to suggestions………….

But I was thinking the other day, what is our collective blind spot, you know the “one thing” that prevents us all from seeing eye to eye?

Here I will throw my opinion and I stress opinion…. I think our biggest blind spot is that…………

We all think everyone else thinks like we do.

It is a real problem if we sit think like that, because although we all have our own biases and beliefs, we tend to interpret things in a way that we see it.

Our hurts, hurt more because we think that the person thinks about that issue just like we do. And since we so deeply think about this issue, we assume they meant to hurt us deeply.

Just a thought, and a quick one today…. What do you think?

the Honest one

Happy Plastic People……

It’s strange how over time beauty and such things change to a culture, but some things don’t change. It is almost like we need to have an ideal in order to face the reality and dream about that ideal.

I am not saying that we should not dream, but to focus on the ideal (that is not real) is simply a way to lead to an unhappy life.
We are never satisfied with who we are and what we have, because life these days presents itself as perfect via media.

And the tool….

It allows this to happen….

Life is not like magazine covers, its never perfect and never works out “just as planned”. Yet for some reason we always expect it to. I don’t really want to refer to such a thing as average, since average is only there for those who don’t try for what they really want.
So rather let’s say the onlookers and the activators.

People can activate what is already inside of them and get into life and do things. Or they could simply look at those that do.

I am not comfortable with this being the culture ruling state we are in….

Yet for the most part, that is what we expect at the top. We think that the president’s and pop stars and film stars and musicians and the wealthy…….etc…..
all don’t suffer and deal with bad things.
It is mostly because we never hear about the traumas other face. I heard a statement today from a public speaker (a well known one) that “everyone wants to back a winner”.
May be true, but not everybody can win. Sometimes you are going to be the loser and what then? Will no one back you?
I have a particular disgust for pretentious people. they come across as “plastic”. They never have anything wrong with them and always seem together. I keep hanging around waiting for the bomb to drop…..

I prefer to hangout with the flawed and failing because they are trying and more honest. I too want to be successful, but not in a way where I need to discard the broken and the “losers” because they can “do nothing” for me. I was also there at some point and barring a few steps I could be there too.

I prefer real authentic people. They are not afraid to share there faux pas

I know we need something to work towards, but please let’s not make it photoshopped non realities. they are not real and quite frankly they never will be….

the Honest One