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The Painting

I once heard a story during a sermon [on the very rare occasions I listen to them :)].

There was this guy staring at a painting, but he was quite close to it. As a friend came to ask him what he was doing, the guy responded that he was trying to see the beauty in the painting but the more he looked, the more confused he got and seemed to not see what others saw. The friend said, take a few steps back. Problem solved.

Sometimes we cannot see the beauty in life. We can’t, because we are too close. Or we are zooming into the things with microscopic accuracy. Yes, we see the tiny faults, but that is not what we should be focusing on at the time. One can never see the full picture by being too close to it.

When we zoom in we see the faults

When we step back and see the whole picture, we see the beauty

And we do that in life too, normally with the people close to us. We see the faults, because we so “zoomed in” all the time. When we zoomed in we normally have to work harder to see the beauty in the everyday things. We scurry around and try to get over our irritations.
Maybe its time to step back to see the full picture. Get to know the people around us better and in different environments to which we currently know them.

Also as we start this year, may we look at the bigger picture and not be so “zoomed in”. Take the time to step back and look at the bigger picture.

the Honest One

The App-solute Truth…

After quite a break, here is my first post for 2012 (maybe just maybe the last year of the world 🙂 )

To start the year, amid what seems to be an app revolution around us, and a plethora of autoresponders, spam bots, article spinners. It’s a good thing to know that an independent study was made to discover that bloggers rule the internet space in terms of traffic.


Because content is king, and no other people focus on genuine real and organic content, than bloggers right?

It’s not that I am against automation, but getting an email that goes something like this ” Hi {Insert Recipient name here}” is a bit ridiculous and without a doubt fake…… Automation should only be used when handling things too large for one person to handle. Its to make it easier and not to replace us.

So my war on plastic (both the real plastics we use as well the the category devoted to certain people of the plastic persuasion) continues.

This year I look out to see the bigger picture and I ask you, will you look with me? To focus on the genuine, the really real stuff.

We all have situations that will come our way, we get to decide this year will we fake out or dig deep and face the world with our real selves and learn what we need to learn to move on.

This year I will be changing a few things, maybe blogging less or more, we shall see.

But this post is simply to let everyone know I am still here, I am a real person, I do however use automation sometimes ( but that is because I am lazy ha ha ha) I always respond to comments, that is of course if they warrant a response.

Oh and there is a bit of a new look to the blog, rather simplistic now, but hey it is a real blog after all and change is always good.

the Honest One