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An Interview with Christian Smith on “The Bible Made Impossible”

Hi All

This is not a normal post today, but its an interview about a new book (maybe not so new now). I liked it and maybe you will too.

Read the complete interview with Christian Smith on “The Bible Made Impossible

the Honest One

Back to the Future?

“If I had known then what I know now”

I am not sure if you like that. But I often find myself drifting off into the past and wishing that I had done something differently (okay maybe quite a few somethings).

Lately I have been remembering life a few years ago maybe even a decade ago.
I find myself thinking that life was so great then and I wish I could go back and relive some of those days and tweak it just a bit.
Its almost like we build up the past into such a wonderful time. Everything seems better when we look back.
We forget that we tend to look at the past with rose coloured glasses….

I never think of the bad stuff when remembering the “good times” either. Even the facts never help me here. I know that one cannot go back, yet the desire and hope is always, that I could of…..

I know that we should live in the present, thats where true joy exists, in the now. But hope is not in the now. Hope is in a place where we are not right now is it not? Hope has to be in a place that is not here now, of course hoping that the past will change or be relived is a vain hope, it will never be…….

So the only thing I can do is focus my hope for a better life in the place where it truly belongs…..


Me too……

It was in my final few months of my drug taking days…..I had been questioning life and all the normal things I did. It weighed heavily on me and I simply could not shake it off.
I remember it clearly, I was with a guy(dealer) and his girlfriend, the guy had stolen something and was returning something to a house….and he jumped over the fence leaving me and his girlfriend in the car (we were fairly good friends at the time).

We got to chatting and for some reason I let all my life questions out. We sat there a while and she just uttered the words…..”Me Too”

I cannot explain the easing in my soul, at that stage it was the greatest words one could of used. More importantly, what they meant at the time. In all my confusion and questioning and being lost… was someone in the same boat and sharing it too. I was lost, but not alone.

I think we all get to these places in life at some point, I also think they are made worse because we think we alone in it. Its not that we don’t know others go through it. Sometimes its that we can’t seem to believe that its happening to us.

Statistics are cool to quote, until you are one of them. Then its not too much fun. Everyone will glibly quote the stats on addiction and cancer or some thing like that, until they fall into that category. Then the whole perspective changes.

But there remains a power in the words ” Me Too”. They are words that mean an identification with you. They don’t necessarily mean help, just understanding.

I think if in the world we are offered more understanding, it would help us find our way. Don’t you think so too?

But to get there, we first have to be honest with each other and open up to each other. It’s not so easy, but a necessary step to the place of Me Too.

So whatever you going through now, be it addiction, pain, trauma, lost in life, I hope you find or come across a “Me Too”

the Honest One

Take it personally

In life many things happen, we get fired, hired, beat down, let go, trampled on, sworn at, shouted at…………………………………………………………………………………………………..

And we get told to not take things personally…..

But, is that really the best advice? The less stuff we take personally, the less we tend to care… Right?

In a world where indifference is the order of the day, where its taught to subdue emotions, to ignore pain…..

Maybe that is the wrong way. Maybe we should take it personally. Maybe we should care about our feelings. Maybe we should take it to heart.

And when I think about things that changed the world, it was done by people who care……………….

People who took it personally………….

the Honest One