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Too many times I have heard and used this line in life.

I don’t have time…..

It’s a phrase that I think we do not really consider to break down and think about. Well, maybe that’s because we do things very flippantly lately.

I was really letting it whirl around and settle to understand why we would say that statement. We all get 24 hours, about 16 hours of awake time, and we all get to manage and allot that hours, minutes and seconds to whatever we deem important to us.

And that is the crux of it all is it not? What is important to you, because that is what you will spend your time doing.

Now everybody needs to eat, and lo and behold we never have that excuse, saying we don’t have time to eat………………..
At least if you are a healthy individual. And we Shower or wash ourselves, we don’t use the excuse “we don’t have the time to do that….”

I am not saying that we can do everything, not possible, but you cannot say “I don’t have time”. You do, everyone has the time to do everything they need to do. What we really saying is, right now, that is not a priority to me. Believe me, if something is important to you, you make time available.

And what seems to me to be the trend is that it really is all in our heads. Because we are poor managers of our time, we simply reason that there is not enough time in the day. Maybe we not meant to do so much in one day. Maybe we not meant to be running a race trying to get ahead.

And lastly remember this saying…. No one on their death bed has ever said ” I wish I spent more time at the office…..”


Surviving the entertainment business

It takes quite a bit to survive the entertainment business. And I mean running the technical stuff in the entertainment world.

It’s not a normal environment. Often people hear us technical people talk about the pressure and the stress in the event industry.
They always ask me, “But how is it different?” or “What exactly are you going on about, what pressure you talking about?”

Its an unusual type of pressure I admit, one not many people can handle. I am sure all of us know what unrealistic expectations are…… Right?
Now multiply that by 1000 (or the amount of people in the audience) and add some management (in the churches, add the Pastor’s wife) and a few old people. And then come back to me about unrealistic expectations.

Having done sound a few years, I can tell you, even though I am competent behind the sound desk, There is a vast world of unexplained anomalies that happen. Also, once the sound leaves the speakers and hit your ears, well there is little I can do about what you hear. By this I mean your perspective on the mix and perception of volume. Right?

Anyway I am diverting from what I started with.


That is often the look people would have if they are under serious pressure. And that is often the case when one runs shows. Everything sits on your shoulders.

But as in life, things go wrong……sometimes horribly wrong hey. And what I have learnt over time. Is when the paw paw hits the fan……well it of little use to panic. The problem will exist whether I am stressing or not. It most likely won’t just disappear by thinking about it.

It is a good way to approach it, since a level head helps solve the problem.

It is something we should all live out in life. When things go pear shaped……. Chill, think, analyse, then solve…..

Don’t Panic



Try is not a word we use often these days………

We want to know before hand whether something will work. We plan and think and strategize, predict, analyze…. But we almost never walk blindly into a situation or life area.

I was listening to Pink’s new song…..yep the name is Try. The chorus goes something like…

“Where there is desire there is going to a flame.
Where there is a flame someone’s bound to get burned.
Just because it burns doesn’t mean you going to die.
Got to get up and try try try…..”

I like it, and it is so true, when we are passionate about things there will flames. We avoid that like the plague hey… flames please, we all want to live in peace and never rock the boat. Well I hope you have some passion for something and I hope you will rock the boat. Look there is a time to learn the new environment, but there is a day for change….. all you have to do is try……..

Although humanity does have a lot of information and we have a lot of technology to our disposal. We also have managed to spread information quickly, but that does not mean we know everything and that we have nowhere to go from here.

And it starts everywhere, even your home, your place of work, your circle of friends, your church…. I can go on.

We should not just sit back and settle for the status quo…..But as the song goes, where there is a flame someone’s bound to get burned….. Its normal to debate and argue and fight, when you want to change things…. You should not disguise the desire for peace as a means to hide your lack of trying.

one little word

one little word

We also need to let go of needing to know all things before hand.
Just try the new thing and not worry about the consequences (sometimes that is needed)

I am not saying that we should be reckless.

But we should be willing to try things if we are the type of people that never lose our cool, and just want things to be easy going.