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your dreams


Today is the last post for the month of April and therefore the end of the look at myths and mis beliefs.

i wanted to end the month on a different note though. I want to chat about our dreams, by dreams I mean our future dreams we had or have. If never acted on they tend to become a myth, in a sense. What do you say?

So I guess my question is. When you were younger and never knew the word “can’t” and never realised that there are things like circumstances. So you remember? Okay, did you do it? What are you doing today?

Now there a few people in my life that have done and are living their dreams, but unfortunately they are in the minority. We tend to make compromises along the way and also life deals a few blows and takes us for a six. That is normal, but there really is no excuse for not living the dreams. Unless of course you are not willing to pay the price it takes.

We all want the quick results, but never the hard work. I know of a few people that received prophecies that they would do albums and blah blah, would sell and so forth. To date, never happened. So the question is, either God lied to these people or something else that is far deeper is going on. Please I do not mean to use this example to describe personal situations, it is rather for a point that I use the example.

I remember when i was fairly new in sound, I had a friend who was so excited to join in sound and really wanted to do sound for bands and so forth. Until he heard the salary…….. suddenly he was not to excited. Then the long hours came and he was not interested anymore.

Now there are many other reasons for dreams not coming to reality, but first reason I would say is definitely the hard work factor. Second the not willing to give up certain things. And mostly what I hear, is excuses about circumstances.

If you want to do music for a living, well if you in Cape Town South Africa, you will battle, but you know there are those that do it. If you want to adventure sports for a living, it may be tough, but there are those that do it.

You want to do art for a living in South Africa, its tough, but you know there are those that have done it.

You want to make and electric car in South Africa, its being done.

Don’t let your dreams become a “myth”.

What your excuse?


Great people are in History

History is not completely true.

Okay, so that statement will have to be clarified, but first. Let me say that there are great people in history and for that we do have the records. But what I am saying to day is that history does not reflect all the great people.

Today I want to look at, well not so much a myth, but a mis-belief.

So lets jump into it. When we think of great people we tend to cast our eyes backwards into time past, we never really look around. But to explain my previous statement that history is not completely true, well think about it……

History that we know today was recorded by a person or persons, we are therefore subject to whatever bias they or the culture at the time had. Which is not bad, since as humans we all have a bias. The problem arises with what that culture or person views as success. This will determine who is recorded or not recorded. And in this sense we will never get the true reflection of what really happened. We can get a good picture, but not always the full story.

Anyway that is out of the way and not to the topic again. Most of the people we consider the greats (in history) were never really celebrated in their lifetimes (and if they were it was by the few and not the many) Martin Luther King comes to mind, Jesus, and many more……..

Its only once they are gone that we really realise the value. This is why we tend to look back at the greats and not around.

It seems as if we lack the ability to see the true value and insight when its in front of us. We need the evidence first. Also we tend to value greatness against our own value system, which if you look at history can be very wrong. For one lets says Heavens historical records were shown to us, would it look the same? I would think not. God looks at things a bit if not a lot differently than we do.

Our culture heralds Darwin as the man who came up with evolution (they would say observed) Whereas I am not to sure God believes in athiests. But anyway thats a side note.

My question to you today is, are you able to recognise the greatness in those around you on a daily basis? I mean through Heaven’s eyes and not with a worldy perspective on success. I will purposely leave out what I think of Heaven’s view point, as this is another topic completely and can be a subjective one too.

Humanity has always resisted change straight up, but often when they have ridiculed and abused the people, they come to their senses and realise that the change is a necessary one.
My hope is that we learn to realise it sooner than later and not have to go on a long road of fighting each other and wars and stuff simply to come to the simple conclusion that they were right all along.

We all do it to each other in some way. Lets say someone comes up with an idea which seems way out from what you do everday, just because its different we tend to shrug it off. Why not give that new idea a try?

Remember all truth is firstly ridiculed, openly opposed and then accepted as self evident.


the full story

Today I want to expand on monday’s post. Life is busy these days so it will be a short post.

It truly is a myth/misbelief that we get told the full story. If you watch news, about the various world events, its rarely that you will get the full story. What has become more prevalent is that it is even in our daily living. We most certainly do not share fully with our stuff as well. (I am not saying share your dirty laundry, but in context)

I am sure most of us has watched an alien invasion movie of sorts….. Its always the government or authorities deciding whether the “public” can handle the truth. I always wonder though. If its simply because no one tells the truth therefore the public cannot handle it. Everyone thinks on behalf of the public, therefore the public does not need to think.

Maybe if we do allow ourselves to think and practice it then we will see a different world.

A thinking world……


things we see and hear

We are all liars.

Ok ok, so maybe not in entirety, but honesty is almost a myth these days. Don’t believe me? Have you ever walked around and greeted people and they ask how you are? You know how we greet, howzit? You don’t really stay to listen to the answer, do you?

We don’t really want to know do we?

But things only get worse. I think with the advent of technology, we have become even greater at concealing things. We can hide flaws, errors and pretty much whatever we want. We can present to you what we want you to think.

Television being the greatest tool in this trade of foolery. We put out live albums, which are not really that “live”, we have reality shows, which are not all that real.( They still have an editor in the credits)

We do not walk into a carpenter’s workshop and see all the dirt, we walk around in clean store fronts.

Dirt and flaws exist, but we do not want to see or hear about it. We want all things pretty and nice, but no mess.

We have fallen prey to the marketing hype, that promises everything, but leaves you nothing.

It does not have to be that way. You can change that.

Don’t let the myth that all is well and ok, simply because you don’t see or hear the trouble, phase you.

Question for yourself. Be honest yourself. Be true yourself.


the one

Do you believe that there is only one person out there for you?

I am speaking to the singles today (but the married people can comment if they want). So do you?

Well I guess the real question I should be asking you is…… Do you believe in free will or in predestination?

Sounds like a heavy question hey. Maybe it is, but we all relate to it daily whether knowingly or unknowingly. So…. back to the point.

If we say free will, well then it will be difficult to say that we believe that there is one person out there for you only. For Example, let’s say your “one ” person that you never met yet, decided to walk in the street one day and just happened to be knocked by a bus and got herself killed (and these things do happen simply because we have the evidence).
You as a man would be doomed to singleness but a single act that was not even made by you (unless you were the bus driver of course).
Where would that leave you, since she was the only one. Consolation would be of course if you went for 2nd best, but who wants second best.
So your options are either pray to the Lord to have her resurrected?
Or as a friend of mine said, the Lord will raise a new one (ridiculous as that sounds). But if this were the case, then it would not fit into the free will story completely, but I will not go there for now.

On a side note, there is one person out there for you (contradiction hey), but hear me out. His name is Jesus and you fit with Him perfectly….ha ha ha.
Corny, but true.

I think thats what we really mean when we go on our quest for “the one”. We want someone to complete us, fix us and make all the trouble go away. I am exaggerating here, but to prove the point, don’t you think? We would rather believe that than make a decision on our own and live with the consequences too.

So let’s say you married the “one” that God gave you and it goes horribly wrong, you then blame the one Who gave the person to you, won’t you?

Look, if you believe in predestination and not free will, then all this should not bother you, your one is on the way and you don’t really need to think further than that.

But if you do believe in free will, well then we sit with a dilemma in approaching “the one” theory.

I guess what it comes down to is that there are plenty people you could have a good relationship and marriage with, just make a good decision. The one person out there theory is a bit pie in the sky for me…..

I consider it a myth……


love at first sight

1 Corinthians 13:1-13 – Love Verse

1 Corinthians 13:1-13 – Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

Love at first sight…….. It’s impossible…… Well real love that is. Just weighing the statement against the scripture above kind of says it all. It implies that you need to know the person before you can love them.

I think you can be attracted to someone at first glimpse, or it can be “lust” at first sight. But Love at first sight, its a myth….


Men Rule

John 8:1-11 (New International Version, ©2011)

John 8

1 but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives.
2 At dawn he appeared again in the temple courts, where all the people gathered around him, and he sat down to teach them. 3 The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group 4 and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5 In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” 6 They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him.

But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. 7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” 8 Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

Today I want to deal with myth that is not so easily seen and proved. I specifically started with that excerpt from scripture. Keep in mind they never produced the man caught in adultery. Pause there quickly, but keep it in mind.

What I would like to speak about today, is the fact that women are actually ruling the culture…….

I was chatting to a friend and he told me a story that happened recently, at a church no doubt, which I will explain now but please I am sharing this simply to show how things have changed.

Here goes …. A pastor at a church (junior pastor) was caught “in the act” of adultery in the church, with a girl from the church. Shocker hey??? But thats not what shocked me. Its how the church proceeded to deal with it. They reasoned that it was biblical to have the guy basically be publicly brought to justice and he had to sit in front while the senior pastor explained to the whole church what he had done,etc. And we all are shocked here now and think in horror, “How could this junior pastor have abused his position and done that.” True and good question, but not what I want to talk about.

What was very missing from the whole story and disciplining, was the girl. Nothing was done to reprimand or discipline the girl in the event described above. Now does the story sound familiar. Sounds a bit like the scripture that this post starts with right? Except the roles have reversed, and the same double standard is in action. In the scripture (+- 2000 years ago) the woman was dragged to be dealt with, but no sign of the guilty man. Today we have the man being dragged to be dealt with, no sign of the woman.

Personally I think the woman 2000 years ago, got dealt a better hand since Jesus handled the case personally. As for the guy in the story I described here (a true story I might add) well not so fortunate to have Jesus personally there.

Anyway what I wanted to focus on here, is that somehow things have shifted in humanity and how we run and view things. In times gone by, we notice that men had the power and ran things.
These days it is not so. If you really look and search things in our culture, you will find that what women wants is what really rules. I don’t have the time to prove it to you conclusively but if asked, I could.

Ever since the feminist movement things have changed the landscape of human culture. Although most women would not fully subscribe to the feminist movement, they do agree with the cause even if it is a subtle agreement. Shoo I am making statements that will get me into trouble here. Please give the benefit of the doubt first before you shoot me.

Over time, and I think hollywood has helped here, our culture has deified women. Look every step of advertising, movies and magazines and so forth. We are totally surrounded by women. It does not help that there seems to be more women than men too. And this goes for churches too. Look at the programs and attendance of church. More women than men. In other words, its a women’s world. Women just do not rule like men, they do not have to dominate an environment (although some do) they simply just need to influence and thats all that is needed. So is it a bad thing?

I am not sure, but we could say its better than when men rule. I love this subject, but I am going to keep it short (or at least try).

It may be better but its still not right. If you go into the beginning, God gave both men and women the dominion, not either or. Therefore I think that it can only be fixed when the 2 work together properly and not jump like a pendulum to either extremes and saying this one is right or that one is right.

E.G. If a woman wants equality in all, then technically they should be treated no differently than lets say men. Yet this is not what women want is it? Let me ask the women, how would you like it if no one offered to carry your heavy package because they were treating you equal to a man?????

No one opened the door for you, no one let you walk first into a place. Everyone expected you to lift the heavy stuff. My guess is you would not want that, so you really don’t want equality then. I don’t think we should look at it as equal or not. We are all humans that makes us all equal. But we are different.

I will leave it at that and we can discuss via comments if you want to.

In closing I recall an interview with one of the playboy models. The interviewer asked how she felt about being victimised by men using her. The model replied, that she most certainly was not the victim. The one having to charge his credit card to look, was the real victim. She does not need to do what she does, the man however needs to pay to see what he wants to see. So who is the real victim?

But in conclusion, men rule, well not in this culture…..



This a saying or slogan that always bothered me.

For one, there are quite a few assumptions one has to make before you can make the statement, What Would Jesus DO………

For one, firstly you would have to reduce everything Jesus is, to a list of do’s and don’ts and it would have to be knowable. Secondly Jesus would have to be clinically removed from your everyday life to be able to be “consulted” in this manner.

The tense of the statement requires you to refer to Jesus in past tense, assuming then that Jesus is not there with you at that point in time. Also The construct of “What would Jesus Do” implies that you could separate Jesus’s teachings from Him and reduce it into principles that could be applied according to your circumstance clinically.

Now, Jesus was and is still alive, and as far as I know cannot be reduced to a list of principles. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life….” ring a bell. He is truth, and does not just speak truth. Therefore He is the living truth, meaning if you want to know truth, get to know Him. And since Jesus is here, He lives in us, you don’t have to wonder what He would do. He is still doing………..

Therefore I would say a more correct way of putting it would be, What is Jesus doing now… (acronym not too great on that hey). This leads me to the next point. So since He is alive and still doing things now, we do not have to clinically hope for the best and think what He would do in this situation. We now have to ask how do we relate to that?

Well simply put, we get to work with Jesus on whatever He is doing. Its a lot harder to do this, since everytime you approach it like this you will not assume you know before He reveals. Also it would silence that irritating bunch who always seem to be on the sidelines “letting you know” that, that is not biblical.

I am sure the apostles in their early stages did things that were not “biblical”. Simply because they were busy discovering it, and now we have it on record. They most certainly never confined their lives to what was only in scripture. Anyway I am drifting here. Back to the point.

What is Jesus doing now? I implore you, spend your time focusing on that, and focus your energy on walking and working with Him. I promise you will have a better life than concerning yourself with”What Would Jesus Do”……………..


God helps those who help themselves

Hello All

Today I start on my month on debunking some common myths or common mis-beliefs is a better way of putting it. I will not be exhaustive in my proofs (or disproofs) which is intentional to inspire discussion.

I thought I would spend this week on a few unbiblical statements that we all commonly quote and accept.
Well “God helps those who help themselves” is number one on the list for me.

Now, it is definitely not a true statement in itself, as from the bible we see many people who simply cannot help themselves, yet God steps in. Moses is a good example, I mean you have to admit, 80 YEARS it took him to discover what the Lord wanted him to do. Even then he had a list of reasons why God should not use him. Nevertheless, God helped him and the rest is history.

Saul thought he was helping God, yet after the Damascus experience, found himself at a loss. God HELPED him and the rest is history. We know him as Paul now.

Lot certainly never asked for help or made a move to help himself from impending doom coming his way. God helped him.

Me personally, about 13 years ago, I most certainly was a lost case with no hope of changing my life. God stepped in and I am here today a different person…… I know I am not giving to much detail, but I think you get the point.

So yes once God steps in you then do have your side to work on, what I am trying to get across here, is that its not the other way around as the saying would allude to.

It is not first try and get yourself together and then God will jump in and help you. In fact through history and personal experience it is proved to be the other way around. We cannot help ourselves, God steps in, and then we have solid ground to work from. And though God does help people who “help themselves” His help is not exclusive to that particular bunch of people.

BUSTED, my new name shall be the heavenly Mythbuster, watch this space for the new show on discovery ha ha ha.