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My Defense for South Africa……

When one has a low self image, everybody has better everything than you. Better eyes, hair, legs, feet, face, car, house, job……(fill in the blanks)
Its almost like trying to come up for air when under water, and you manage to just gasp some air for a moment and then you are forced down again, to fight and repeat the process without relief.

I know this because I used to suffer from it myself. I say suffer because that is what it feels like. Everyone else is okay, but I am not, in almost every situation.

South Africans in general (by this I mean the majority) don’t seem to support each other when it comes to ability to do something. I could just direct your attention to our music sales in the country. All music from abroad sells, our artists struggle to survive. Few make it into the full time music industry. The reason?

We do not support our artists because we believe they are not as good as the artists abroad. We believe, somehow that everyone across the ocean is better than what we hear right here. This does not just apply to music, it applies in the film arena, most careers too. Churches there are “better” than here. Anybody with a different accent suddenly gets our attention….

Most young adults simply want to get out of the country and work overseas….. as if that makes it so much more different than working here..

But getting back to the story on top, don’t you think it sounds the same. Its a low self image on a national scale. Everybody is better than us.

I mean let’s be honest, yes our government does some really strange things, they definitely do not know what they doing all the time. But does the States? I am sure if you follow the news then you will know what debt concerns the States has. They do not have it altogether.

The Euro Zone, most certainly do not have it all right either. I can go on and on here. The Australians don’t have it altogether either. All countries have their problems.

We know that, yet somehow we think that they got it so much better there than here. You know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” and I am sure you have heard the rebuttal “but the water bill is so much higher there”.

Yes we have high crime stats, yes we have issues in racial areas still, yes our quality of life is not up to standard comparing to the international levels. Yes we have low bars for our education, yes we have lots of areas which are covered by informal settlements….

But our real problem is that we have yet to see our true value. We as a country simply suffer from a poor self image.

How do we fix it? Well how does an individual fix it? Its called a self image, therefore only you can do something about that. Stop believing the lies that we are not good enough.

We have the skills, the capabilities, the intelligence, the passion, the resources, the talent, the character, the ability…. Its just seems we are the last to see it.

So there in a nutshell is my defense for our country.

Just remember, every country presents their best foot forward. They also have their issues. So if you want to leave here because you have issues with how its done here….guess what…. You will have issues there too. Even worse, because you will be the foreigner.

And our music, film and arts industry is quite good. Granted its a small one, but hey, we have to start somewhere don’t we?

What are your thoughts on this?


Leaving behind the familiar…..

We humans really do not like change. I mean that in a collective sense. Companies, organisations, relationships, etc…don’t easily embrace change. “We have something that works” they say. Its almost like “walking the plank” when we suggest something different.

Seth Godin said it best (his version of an old saying). “Change isn’t made by asking permission, change is made by asking forgiveness, later.”

I could give you many reasons and examples, but today I will show you a picture which describes the collective behaviour of humans very well.

Weekly Gold Chart

Double click on the picture to see it full scale.

Old faithful, the gold chart. Gold is easily one of the most traded and liquid markets and is good to show you what I want you to see about collective human action. Markets show the depth of human behaviour (and the shallowness too). Literally millions of people partake in trading across the world. So the current price that is stipulated by the market at any given time is the collective consensus, of all those millions of people, of what the price of gold per ounce is. Right?

Okay, with that in mind. Look at the chart, you will see 1000$ was a huge level to breach. Gold previously had live under 1000$ for decades. Soon after it broke that level what do you notice?

It quickly jumps back under 1000$ and stays there for roughly 75 weeks (this is a weekly chart). Next we see gold break the 1200$ level and we see the same pattern more or less. Breaks to new highs and jumps below that and lives there for a number of weeks.

The chart tells the rest of the story. What I am trying to get at there is that overall we see the upward movement, and Gold breaks new ground regularly, but what we see almost as soon as completely new price levels are broken into, the market jumps back to places it has been previously.

And that is what I want to focus on. We do that in life. We do not like unfamiliar territory and as soon as we sense we are in unknown environments, we revert to what we know. We revert to the familiar when we find ourselves in the unfamiliar.

Fortunately the chart shows us something different as well. As we go higher (and break new ground in the price) the pullbacks and time spent under the new highs become less deep and shorter as we become accustomed to the statements “record new highs”.

Which only goes to show that when we step out and do something different, it might take some time, but it enables others to do the same. And soon its not so difficult to imagine doing the thing yourself.

So my challenge for today is try new things, or even better, do the thing that you have been pondering about…… You never know who you might be paving the way for…..

Before I end today, below this is a link to a really wow picture. I just thought I would share that with you.

Click here to see the Cool Pic and some funny comments


foundations……dealing with conflict.

I am not sure if anyone reading this has ever setup a mix for a band on stage, from the ground up.

One normally starts with the rhythm section and build a base from there and then we move onto the extra frilly stuff like percussion and whatever fillers we have. Last we add the vocals (the melody). If that rhythm section is not built and sitting correct, you end up with a sloppy mix, one could call it a conflicting mix. It will sound like the instruments are fighting each other.

The mix you could either plod along with or you can try and solve it.

It might sound bad, but sometimes its the most simplest thing causing the conflict. Its not so easy to identify though.

What it usually entails is simply stripping it down to the basics, to fix the rhythm section. And adding everything together piece by piece. Until we have a good blend.

Our lives are like that too. Conflict and issues warn us that something is wrong. Our foundations may not be good. But in order to fix the problem, sometimes it will get worse before it gets better.

We have to be honest and admit that there is a conflict happening first, and then be willing to work on it. We all want our lives to be a good blend, a moving song, but we don’t always have that do we?

I know a lot of us simply avoid conflict, we never deal with things upfront, we will rather run away or simply pretend that nothing is wrong. But that is like leaving the song going with an irritating noise that no one can quite put their finger on, but the noise is there somewhere.

Why not just deal with the conflict and find out if your foundations are screaming at you…..


Mo Money Mo Problems?

Money is probably the most talked about inanimate object in the history of mankind. One would think it has a life of its own by now. Yet on its own it can do nothing.
So why does it have its power?

Let me start by saying that if I could term money as a verb, it would be a magnifier.

Its my firm belief that all our issues can be found within our own hearts, with time releases, to deal with when we are ready to. But I still often hear people say when people fall from grace, that the money caused them to stumble or the success was too much for them….

I don’t think that’s entirely true. Like I said earlier, money is a great magnifier. Meaning that it will greatly multiply what is already happening. Therefore ultimately when you go down, its not the outside element that drags you down, its what is inside. Its the lack of strength of character, or whatever deficiency you have. It easier to blame the outside factor, but really its us that cause it.

That saying, “I have found the enemy, and he is me….” rings true here. Getting back to money, its also a good reflector, as it shows what we are really about. Money + pressure will show what you are really in your core (look at fear factor or survivor).

The same could be used in lets say what we term a backslider (fallen christian). We say it was that sin that tripped them up, where as I would say that was in their hearts all the time, it was just an opportunity that presented itself and what was inside came outside. What’s worse is then we think we are beyond repair from that point.

My question would be, does God not see what is inside all along? Do you think it shocks God when it eventually comes out? I think we need to be a little more honest with ourselves.

Or is it more that you cannot accept that it was there all along?

So I will amend the saying of “Mo Money Mo Problems”. I would say the more correct way is mo money, the same problems but bigger……


Points of Separation Part 3 and an interesting article…

And below is the latest in a newsletter I read. Its found at and no I am not trying to sell it to you, but I thought he summed up the current financial crisis in the states quite well. SO for those who are interested

What the Debt Ceiling REALLY Means

It means absolutely nothing!

In the 1980’s under Reagan, the debt ceiling was voted on to be $1 trillion. Now it is over $15 trillion. EVERY President regardless of party mas massively inflated the “debt” or “money” it’s the same thing. It is policy to have the people bickering over which party manages it better when the system itself is flawed.

Remember, loaning what you do not have makes no sense….. at all!

And that’s exactly what banks and the Fed do.

That’s why the banks have their signs on the big buildings in town.

That’s why MBA’s go to work at the banks. Because that’s where the money is…. or isn’t!

So, why is there a Central Bank? It is to privatize the profits, and socialize the losses. It is so that those with access to the Central Bank (not you) can do whatever they want and stick the bill with the people. This means “social” programs (to enslave voters) or other purposes like funding a standing army. It was John Adams who disbanded the army when the non-war with France never happened and his “advisors” including Hamilton himself who always advocated and was instrumental in starting the first Central Bank wanted a standing army.

Adams vs Hamilton:

Where will the “debt” be in 20 years? 40 trillion. easily. How much will a cheeseburger, fries, and drink cost in 20 years? About $20 easily. Or more. A tank of gas ? $100.00. Or maybe $200.00.

The only reason people talk about it now is the same reason why no one cared that coffee went from $0.15 to $0.25. Or even $1,50 to $2.50. But coffee for $10.00? Or $20.00?

Remember it was Greenspen himself (funny name isn’t it… “Green” (money) and “Span” expansion) that said that without a gold system,

In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There isno safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was done in the case of gold. If everyone decided, for example, to convert all his bank deposits to silver or copper or any other good, and thereafter declined to accept checks as payment for goods, bank deposits would lose their purchasing power andgovernment-created bank credit would be worthless as a claim on goods. The financial policyof the welfare staterequires that there beno way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves.

Does this sound like a capitalist policy? Or not? 






<a href=””>Part Three : The age of the prophet</a>

Practice makes Perfect…..

According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10000 hours to be a master at something. Do you agree?

When they were handing out the schedule for topics at bible school, guess what topic was first for me to teach?
Doctrine of sin, mmmmmmm I thought, what are they trying to say.
I reasoned they must of chosen me for that topic, since I am a professional at that. Given the 10000 hour rule, I should be a master 3 times over.

Anyway, a while ago I read an article on the saying ‘Practice makes perfect’. It was written by Glenn Fisher (The Shortcut Bulletin) I cannot seem to find it, or I would given the link here. But basically he was saying that this saying is impossible to achieve and we should really rethink how we approach learning new things.

Firstly we know that perfection here on earth is an impossibility, so why on earth would we practice with the aim of achieving a place we know cannot be reached.

I am not saying that we should not strive to get things right, we should. But our pursuit of perfection has always alluded humanity (ask Hitler). Ask any communistic idealist (thats what they all are ha ha ha). It seems wonderful in your head, until you try and put it into reality.

I think we should say practice will make you better, more and more practice will get you into the category of best. Its in that process you realise that you know very little and your character is built to withstand the trouble that all face later. This is the reason why one hit wonders almost never last. They never have the character built over time and fade very quickly.

Therefore don’t treat your life like that, never focus on any one thing sorting out everything. Never make the perfection the goal, because it is not doable. Do the best you can and practice, practice, practice at the thing you want to do well at (except in the case of sin hey).

If you want to try new things, please do, but set small bite size goals. Ones that can be done. There is enough time to deal with the impossible tasks, much later.

The reason why we have less masters at things these days is that they simply give up to soon. Thats why in the beginning, never set yourself an unreachable goal like perfection…….


Belief… We never going to win the war….

John Mayer has a song titled belief. Basically you could sum it up by one line in the chorus. “We are never going to win the war, if belief is what we fighting for”

I tend to agree with him on that one.

On most people’s lips today especially among Christians, we speak about unity among each other. Although if I am honest, I think we mean more among the locals rather than the global.

And for some reason unity equals believing in the same beliefs. I am talking about the practice, since we tend to stay away from people who do not believe as we do, evidenced in how denominations huddle together with their own pet doctrines.

True unity is by accepting diversity and not by forcing uniformity.

We are different and its those differences that make life interesting, yet its like we cannot tolerate that when it comes to beliefs.

Now why do I agree with John Mayer? The song goes on to say “belief is a beautiful armour that makes for the heaviest sword” I guess that means that we use belief as a defense against what or who we really are. Look John Mayer may not have meant all these things deeply, but it sure makes sense.

To win the war of beliefs, one has to look at beliefs frailty. Belief on its own is not really important. Its how that belief gets practiced and if that belief can be practiced.

At any given time there are hundreds if not thousands of beliefs about where we come from or how earth came into being. And to be fair you could believe anything you want here.
We are allowed to believe anything we want right?

But not all beliefs are true and can function in reality. Take for example evolution with its survival of the fittest concept.
An evolutionist has a child and the child is born a slow learner. Do they leave that child by the way side? Do they let the people simply have their way with that child because its “survival of the fittest”?

No they don’t do they. They nurture that child. So evolutionist’s theory is simply that, a theory. It does not work so well in reality.

Yet we all can live in harmony with each other in the larger sense, even though some of us believe strange things which do not work in the real world.

Its when we make, believing the same things a prerequisite to unity and life together, that we run into trouble……….


the post about the other posts…

Today I wanted to just explain about how the blog posts are presented. A few friends have said that I present the posts as a closed idea. Meaning that I don’t really leave a room for comment….

I assure you that, that is not what the blog posts are about, though the idea is expressed as a complete one, its an open idea. And emphasis on Idea…

Once Again a blast from the past but click hear for a post from way back which I think expresses better what I am saying.

The posts are ideas and are by no means closed to criticism, reflection, opinion,etc. If it is inspiring quiet reflection then great, but if you disagree feel free to share your opinion. All it takes is one for others to find their voice.

Once again tomorrow I will be posting the part 2 of Points of Separation (a walk through scripture, ok a brisk walk through scripture) which describes and looks at where we separate from God over time.