Monthly Archives: December 2011

For now….

A while ago I was chatting to a friend about the blog. And she said something….she said “for now” she reads my blogs.

I have to admit I really was sort of nervous after that. I mean not all posts any blogger puts out is their best work (we try at least I do). But overall I guess I can only only use myself as an example here. I watch certain sit coms, and some episodes are real rubbish, but my long term understanding of the show helps me stay a loyal watcher.

I am simply writing about this because I am curious to know how people think and relate to things in life. I mean no harm to the friend who shared this.

It did however make me realise that we expect a lot from the creative side. Everybody wants something new and fresh and amazing. But life is not always like that. I must admit the year is not over yet and I am finished already, whats worse for me is that I am not going into a holiday. I am going into the next phase of busy season. That said, I might take a breather and recoup a bit. Albeit that I need to recollect and seek inspiration 🙂

I might just drop the posts to one a week for the next few weeks or totally stop till next year, I am not sure yet.

Tis the season now, I can feel it and the malls are all madhouses and here I am working as normal as any other day. I like the christmas period (not that I am a celebrater of christmas) but I like the festivities and the memories that the season brings.

I will not disappear completely, because I like subjecting people to my musings and opinions (one sided as some of them may be). So never fear theHonestOne, or the hone stone as a few thought it was, is always near…..:)

Alternatively one can always catch me on facebook. I am always there in someway. Thank you to all who subscribe, follow, comment, engage on the blog. I enjoy it and will keep on doing what I am doing.

But for the some who will be having a holiday, enjoy it don’t party too hard. If you do, you know where to send the invite to, and I will runaway from work to have some fun 🙂


The Duality of the everyday occurence

Every day things happen. Whether we ready for them or not. But they still happen nevertheless.

I find that few do introspection though. Okay so that may not be a fair statement. People always think about what they do. What I mean is that few people challenge themselves to find out the real reason they do things.

Take for example, we have a person who is always around others. There is nothing wrong with that per say. But if lets say he is there because he is lonely and cannot live with himself, then we would say that is not good. Yet we could also find a person that is very okay with themselves, but still hangs out with others quite a bit. We would then say that’s not bad at all.

There is always 2 sides to any story. I think what throws us here is that the circumstances are everyday things. And everybody does everyday things, right.

But sometimes we do them for the wrong reasons and we never question them because they are everyday things. And we never analyze the everyday things, do we?
I am not meaning we should second guess ourselves on everything. But it would be good to know that we are doing what we are doing for the right reasons (whatever that may be).

I guess what I am saying that there always will be a duality of intentions, and they both look the same to us from the other end. None of us can see with what intentions the other person has.

Given that, do you question your actions?


Information and experience

I am sure many of us have resorted to google for many things in life. Worse probably, some of us even “google” our symptoms of our ailment and hope to come up with a solution. I am sure this ticks most doctors off, especially when people come into the surgery telling the doctor what they think they have (and who has not done that hey??)

As a sound person myself, I cannot begin to tell you how many “sound people” are out there because they read this book and “googled that”.

It got me thinking….. As things always tend to do 🙂 ha ha ha.

Although we live in an information heavy culture and information is freely available. When you go to a professional, you not always looking for information are you?

For most part, we go to a doctor not so he can spout off some random facts, but we got here because they have the experience in putting the facts together and help us understand and treat where we find ourselves.

Its for this reason I never worry that Google will put me out of my career. Because its my experience of “putting it all together” that people pay me for.

Which got me thinking again…. (it really is making me think a lot hey)

I don’t think either one of information or experience outweighs the other. But when we place an extra emphasis on the one and not the other we sit with problems and frustrations.

Take for example, the average church going Christian. They come across the bible and start reading it (yes there are a few). But then they start quoting it to people in order to change their lives.
Which I would say is the wrong way of using scripture. It needs to be tempered with experience and I think here is where people often make the mistake. Information does not change people, it enlightens us, but experience helps us.

People tend to respond better to people who have the experience behind them.

Makes one think hey…..