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Letting go….Catching up?

Hello everyone.

Its been ages since I posted here…. Well what can I say, but life has been busy and as usual I bit off more than I could chew.

We all know that does not work out too well in the long run. What I have been up to is more a story of letting go than even bothering to catch up. I felt as if life was spinning and I needed to catch up to it. Tried and failed. So my new stance is let go.

If I find myself snowed under, I look as to what I can let go of. Because we can’t do everything can we?

I really hope to blog more often now, but to be totally honest, I have been trying to blog, but as soon as I am sitting at the pc, I want to run away. Therefore I was not going to force it.

Also in reading my past posts (in order to glean some wisdom ha ha ha) I find myself having to take some of my own advice on the topics. On that note I noticed myself becoming a bit of a lemming

And that is not a good thing….. I will not become a lemming, I will not become a lemming, I will not become a lemming…..come on follow me in saying I will not become a lemming (got you) tag now you are the lemming.

Anyway all kidding aside.

I should be more frequent with postings from now.

A bit of a different take on things. I am also in the process of starting a new blog (a free standing one meaning a hosted site). Its a more directly christian one and should you be interested I will post it as soon as its live.

But let me get back to work again.

Bye for now

the Honest One