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The Secrecy Bill………..

This was simply too much for me not to comment on…… For those not aware of South Africa’s new “secrecy bill” which, in short, is a bill that is proposing that no media can publicize any state information even if it exposes corruption. Basically journalists cannot just report information without “permission or declassification”. Its a bit more elaborate than that, but that’s the gist of it. And there are quite stiff penalties for it should a whistle blower decide to risk it all….up to 25 years in jail await them…

My first question is of course…..Who passes such a bill without having something to hide to begin with? Secondly, what lies behind and after this? How far will this go, and to what level of lunacy must it get to before before the wool is removed from our eyes?

Cannot really be bothered by it all, since I really believe the state has been doing this all along, just now they are trying to make it a law. One thing I must say is everybody has a voice suddenly, which is good. One thing we cannot say is that the ruling party never got us together. Okay so they got us all together against them, but hey, if it works it works hey.

But I think my personal best thing in my life is, now I can go on living my life in peace. There will be corruption, lies, theft, just plain ridiculous goings on…….
But I don’t have to hear about it anymore 🙂

So now I can go on with my seemingly mundane existence, with not a care in the world. Because if no one says there is corruption then there is no corruption right?

Just because if the government says they have our best interest at heart, then that means they do have our best interests at heart….right?
I liken the way its going now like driving a car, but we don’t like what we see in the rear view mirror. We therefore just remove rear view mirrors and waalaaa no more problems. Our past does not exist because we can’t see it…. So we move on and don’t learn from our past mistakes.

I think the government has forgotten who they are, servants of the people. We do not serve the state, its the other way around. Unless I never got the memo….

But let me crawl back into my little hole and go on with my life. At least it will be slightly peaceful now.

Oh yes, and wake me up when the dictatorship is revealed for what it really is…..then I will comment again……..