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A moment in life….

Just over a week now and the church conference is over…. Not that I am much of a conference person, but if you are doing sound, well then you have a no real choice but to sit through it hey.

But I wanted to share something with you guys and gals.

Over the conference weekend a real moment happened (maybe revealing my age more than anything).

When I was a new christian (whatever that may mean) I purchased my first worship album in 1999 Winds of Worship, Vol. 12: Live From London

It was a departure from music I had always been listening to up until then (mostly dance tracks before then). But on this album was a fellow South African Brenton Brown and Canadian singer/guitarist, Brian Doerksen. A few other artists that I followed for a while. Anyway it was a really eye opening album for me since I never knew christians did such music at the time.

Back to the present, so here I am doing sound at the conference and who is one of the artists appearing? Brian Doerksen. It was such a moment, from nearly 12 years ago when I was listening to an album to today (or that day) when I was behind the sound desk doing sound for the “real thing”.

Not too bad because last year I also met one of my favourite authors, Frank Viola. So I am having fun hey.

So I am not sure is that just means I am getting old and these things mean things to me, devotionally I mean. It was such moments for me. I really don’t know if it would mean much to any other person, but these people helped shape who I am today, so it was really strange to meet them in person when all of my experience of them was from a distance or through media only.

Has this happened to anyone?

It was just a strange feeling to be controlling the sound of the person who actually wrote the songs versus a normal worship service where our team sings the very songs.

Anyway just thought I would share this with you….