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Our biggest blind spot

We live in a simple yet very complex world.

Simple in the sense that it does not take a lot to live in the daily grind. We drink, eat, work and sleep. And all things in between….right?

Its when we try and get by with the other people on earth that things start getting a bit complex. Since none of us are telepathic (at least I am not), in order for us to get along with others we have to do that dreadful thing and use words to describe what we would like to convey to the other person.

We all have blind spots and this leads to further complexities. Since most of us like to point out the other one’s blind spots, it gets more difficult to balance it all.

So what can we do to help the process?

I am open to suggestions………….

But I was thinking the other day, what is our collective blind spot, you know the “one thing” that prevents us all from seeing eye to eye?

Here I will throw my opinion and I stress opinion…. I think our biggest blind spot is that…………

We all think everyone else thinks like we do.

It is a real problem if we sit think like that, because although we all have our own biases and beliefs, we tend to interpret things in a way that we see it.

Our hurts, hurt more because we think that the person thinks about that issue just like we do. And since we so deeply think about this issue, we assume they meant to hurt us deeply.

Just a thought, and a quick one today…. What do you think?

the Honest one