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Reality bytes….

I am not sure if you noticed, but these days very few things are live…
I mean that in the broadest sense. Television, music, shows, etc….

Pretty much everything has some prepared sense to it. I am not saying that planning is not a good thing, its just I am not sure that we are all aware how planned life is.
We will leave very little to just happen.
I wonder sometimes if it’s a matter of control. We cannot control what we don’t know, so we try to account for everything. I suppose an accounting firm or auditing firm would love that, but how can any company make strides forward by trying to account for everything?

Take for example Felix Baumgartner ( I am sure we all know what he did on sunday). It took many years to prepare, but what happened once he jumped could not be scripted, we could simply watch it unfold.

I also know the maxim, “If we fail to plan, we plan to fail”. Its true, but real success sometimes is only achieved by failing forward (as they say). We really cannot….or should I say we really don’t have control over much and sometimes we just need to let things happen.

Even reality TV is not really reality. Live shows are not all that live.

Obviously one should throw the baby out with the bath water, but I guess you get what I mean?

Though we plan, we cannot control all things, therefore we should always have the freedom to “let things happen”. Call it a watch and wait approach before casting a final judgement on what works or does not.

the Honest One