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The world is flat….

It is the nature of man to want to rule. There in lies no problem. It is when man desires to rule over each other that we come into a whole myriad of traumas and issues.

I know we are taught to look at life and people as operating in levels. For example…. We see an artist and we think wow they are so awesome (John Mayer cool artist)

And we look at our inability to do that and we assume that they are better than us, right?

I don’t think that is the right way to look at it. I think we are all in different life phases. Lets zoom in quickly to describe what I mean. You are starting to learn about blogging ( so you are in the baby phase) and to compare yourself to let’s say Seth Godin, would be silly. He is in the matured phase of blogging. It does not necessarily mean he is better, it simply means right now he has more experience than you.

This fits into all life areas and also how we apply it really depends on how you see life.

To me the world is flat, meaning that we are all on the same playing field in various phases of life in different areas. Not one is “better” than the other.

This does not mean I do not learn from those that know, of course I do. I just do not place them higher than me as a human (and that I had to learn over a long time).
It allows us to live to our true potential and not be afraid.

Nobody is under somebody else, I know this could lead to a really strange environment. I do believe in mutual respect and the willingness to submit to someone when they do know better (more life experience).

But I do believe that hierarchical type structures do more harm than good to our development. That said let me say I am not a communist/socialist neither am I a full blown capitalist.
I think I am more interested in the community that lives despite the ruling parties. The ruling party could be a socialist bunch but terrible humans and the result would be disastrous. On the other hand we could have a capitalist environment and have really good humans run it and have a better experience.

In short I think fighting over the system that runs is a waste of time, its better to focus on the quality of life within that and the system used will work better.

What do you think?