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“There is no such thing as a perfect church”

“There is no such thing as the perfect person”

“There is no such thing as the perfect job”

“There is no such thing as the perfect …..”

Those are phrases we hear all the time. At least I hear them. And it always makes me wonder, if this is the the truth or has this particular person just settled……

True perfection, as in no faults, I will concede does not exist here, but a perfect job? I think that exists, a perfect person to share your life with, I think that exists. “For you” is what I mean.

Someone who is good for me (perfect). A job that is good and right for me I consider perfect for me.

I think what I am getting at here is that we often settle in life because we believe that perfection does not exist out there, therefore we settle for the less than good one (of whatever).

That does not mean that the current person or thing is intrinsically bad, just bad for you.

I could be wrong, but I really think that that type of perfection does exist. And I get that true happiness is from within, but at the same time do we just accept that everything around us just is…..

Any thoughts?