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The Mundane and the Marvellous

I will never forget something I read a while back. A pastor was trying to get a point across to the congregation. They were only commenting on the wow sermons.

He said that in his lifetime of marriage, he can remember by, counting on his hands, the amount of times his wife cooked an awesome, amazing dish at home. (I can hear the women gasp and say, “how dare he say that?”)

But he went on to say that every other dish, kept him alive………..

Which got me thinking the other day. I won’t speak for anyone else, but I know I tend to look forward to amazing things and treat with disdain, the mundane things. Its almost like I get through the mundane in order to get to the marvellous.

Which made me think even more……

Would the marvellous be so marvellous, if it were not for the mundane……

the amazing things can only be amazing because we have the normal. I think we need to appreciate the normal a bit more.

Without it we do not have the marvellous…….