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The Intrinsic You Part 2

“I am a drug addict”

“I am a quiet person”

“I am a shy person”

“I am a difficult person”

And the list could go on here…….
People, mostly unwittingly, say these statements, or rather these pronouncements about who they are or what they about. And yes, they might be that at that moment. But what I would like to know…..

Is that the real you or simply what you have become due to whatever reason?

No person as far as I know wants to become a drug addict (I use this example because its very blatant and illustrates the point better). But for whatever reasons that person becomes a drug addict. Does that mean that’s who they are intrinsically?
No, right?

Rather intrinsically they are not a drug addict and the real person inside is just like any other human finding their way around life as best as they know right then and there.
I am living proof of this one, since I have taken copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, yet find myself today not under that anymore. Therefore I reason that, that activities could not define me unless I did allow it to.

I sound cryptic. Let me explain myself better. As in life, our experiences shape us (depending on how we view it) so do bad experiences. But what I am getting at here is that, there remains an intrinsic you, the real you…. The one that is really, really, really who you are. The soft, vulnerable, genuine person. This is true for every person. And sometimes that intrinsic you gets stuck through a endless loop of distortions and paths that really don’t help.

But deep down you know, you may not be this way….

So my question today is are you really who you are? I mean genuinely the real you, or do you still allow the pronouncements of a bad experience to shape you?

When we say, but I am just this way, are you really?

When you meet someone or get to know people, do you allow time to see the intrinsic person? Or do we quickly rush to one line judgement of who a person is?