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For now….

A while ago I was chatting to a friend about the blog. And she said something….she said “for now” she reads my blogs.

I have to admit I really was sort of nervous after that. I mean not all posts any blogger puts out is their best work (we try at least I do). But overall I guess I can only only use myself as an example here. I watch certain sit coms, and some episodes are real rubbish, but my long term understanding of the show helps me stay a loyal watcher.

I am simply writing about this because I am curious to know how people think and relate to things in life. I mean no harm to the friend who shared this.

It did however make me realise that we expect a lot from the creative side. Everybody wants something new and fresh and amazing. But life is not always like that. I must admit the year is not over yet and I am finished already, whats worse for me is that I am not going into a holiday. I am going into the next phase of busy season. That said, I might take a breather and recoup a bit. Albeit that I need to recollect and seek inspiration 🙂

I might just drop the posts to one a week for the next few weeks or totally stop till next year, I am not sure yet.

Tis the season now, I can feel it and the malls are all madhouses and here I am working as normal as any other day. I like the christmas period (not that I am a celebrater of christmas) but I like the festivities and the memories that the season brings.

I will not disappear completely, because I like subjecting people to my musings and opinions (one sided as some of them may be). So never fear theHonestOne, or the hone stone as a few thought it was, is always near…..:)

Alternatively one can always catch me on facebook. I am always there in someway. Thank you to all who subscribe, follow, comment, engage on the blog. I enjoy it and will keep on doing what I am doing.

But for the some who will be having a holiday, enjoy it don’t party too hard. If you do, you know where to send the invite to, and I will runaway from work to have some fun 🙂