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Size does not matter…….

One day when you are big, what do you want to be?

I am sure we all heard that at some point in our life hey. Whether we had big dreams or not the question was still posed to us.

A few weeks ago a friend was chatting to me, I had not seen him in while (okay we had not spoken in a while and he was chatting via Whatsapp so it still counts). His wife is pregnant and he had changed jobs since we last spoke. He made a statement and said “he was growing up”.

Which got me thinking as to how we define growing up. We all grow “bigger” naturally, that is of course if we eat and so forth. But we all do not grow up.
I have seen it too often that we tend to associate growing up in reference to an external factor, like going to college, getting a job getting married, having a child, buying a house, buying a car….etc.

Those things are maybe necessary as you get “bigger” but they most certainly do not reflect automatically that you are grown up. By grow up I mean maturity.

To mature is a choice, to get bigger is simply a natural process. It is for this reason I chose the title “size does not matter”, because when it comes to maturity it really does not matter how “big” you are.
In fact, your age, your intelligence, your position, your job has nothing to do with it either.
I have met so many people who reason that they are grown up simply by referencing their current life phase as their reason for being “grown up”. I have met countless single and married people who really do not understand that maturity is a choice.

It is those who decide that they must deal with the inside, that truly “grow up”. And as the picture above states, it takes courage……

May we all grow up…..