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Where will you be in five years time?

Where will you be in 5 years time?

I am not a fan of that question, even though they always seem to ask it at an interview. What is it suppose to describe about you?

Let me ask it this way rather, are you now where you envisioned yourself 5 years ago? I am sure the general direction was there, but who knows that exactly. There are so many variables in life, no one can know that for definite where they will be in a year let alone 5.
And with the current trend of business in companies, no one stays at a company as long as 5 years anyway.

People do not even stay at churches these long these days, so I really wonder why they still ask that question to people.
I think the better question is “What do you have planned for your life?”

Because that leaves the question open and allows the person to be more honest in their answer. I mean the 5 year question in the context of an interview, ha ha ha, how can that not be tailored to suit the situation.

I guess the other question could be tailored too, but at least its a more open statement. Or even better, how do you handle life now?

Maybe even a few exercises to see how people handle situations. (I guess you can see that I almost completely disagree with how interviews are done these days). Think about it…. When a company hires someone, they are asking you to spend a lot of your time there, one would think they would want to make well informed decisions, don’t you?

Yet they spend maybe 30 mins with you, and you really not yourself (I mean your authentic self) in the interview. So I think interviews should be a longer process to see if the people are a good fit and then both parties make informed decisions.

Also life is far too organic to define what and where all the time. I think its good to have a basic idea, but be open to possibilities.

And lets for argument’s sake say that you are asked the dreaded question about your 5 year plan and your answer is…..”I am open to possibilities.” Would they think you are cuckoo?

Yet its an entirely valid answer, because many people are not open to any possibility, you might be the very person needed to change the place….

So where will you be in 5 years?

This is a video that pokes fun, but has a deeper meaning, check it out if you like worship music and know the oldies and some new ones