starry night

I have listened to the song Vincent for years (dare I even say decades). It is also one of the few songs I can play on the piano (yes I can play piano).

For the life of me, I never thought to find out what the song was actually about. I know, I know, how is it possible to be so flippant. But a few days ago I was just hit with it. I came across an article, .

It describes the true brilliance of Vincent Van Gogh. This is the Vincent that the song is about. Now, the painting you see above is a scientifically accurate depiction of turbulence, which to date, still baffles scientists as to how it happens.

Vincent Van Gogh painted this around 125 years ago, if not more. He must of been a brilliant guy hey? Surely he must of been a respected dude.

Nope, he was largely disregarded in his lifetime, having a breakdown, after a woman rejected his marriage proposal I might add (yes they can do that to a guy hey).
All of one of his paintings sold during his lifetime. And at the age of 37, committed suicide.

This is heart breaking. I can’t grasp this. Today there are very few people that you come across that will not. at least know his name. Which is great, but it leaves me with an emptiness in my being….

Why can we never accept genius and brilliance when they are among us? Whenever there is someone that does these things, they often pay for it dearly. And so often we celebrate them, even spread their message after they are gone. Yet when they are here, no one cares.

I can think of a few, Martin Luther King…….Jesus (I am referring to the fact that He was crucified before you say that He is not gone)….Galileo, I can go on. There are always a few that get it, but largely we just don’t seem to care to take the time to truly value wha is among us. Michael Jackson was also a laughing matter to most, but suddenly after his death everyone suddenly forgot that and just realised who they had lost. Yes, brilliance still exists, but it often comes in packages we cannot accept, or its too out there…..
It’s like we suffer from displaced appreciation. We can only appreciate things once they are removed from us.

I for one cannot live with that. I am left asking WHY?????? Why are we unwilling to acknowledge that we may be wrong? Why are we unwilling to look at ourselves and see into our souls? This is after all what these poets and artists bring into life.
We don’t always get it. But we often never think further than ourselves do we?

It is simply heart wrenching when you realise that could have lived much more sane and full lives had we simply celebrated them more. I do realise that some of this tortured people needed that conflict to create. I don’t doubt that, but I do think it is still on us to have open minds and hearts towards things we don’t or won’t understand. Art shapes us whether we think it does or not. We need art in all forms.

I leave you today with Don Mclean, who in my opinion captured the true but tortured brilliance of Vincent Van Gogh.

Fifty shades of……#SONA2015

I warn you, I write today because of some annoyances. And no it is not a stern warning not to watch fifty shades of grey. As far as I am concerned, watch it or don’t watch I really don’t have an opinion on that one.

On valentine’s day the movie of Fifty shades of grey was released and to no small hoopla from various groups, Christians and feminists…. and the rest.

My question to whoever has a comment is…

50 shades

Have you read the book?

I think it is rather small minded to not have read the book, yet have much to say about it. Even worse share articles against it and generally warn people.

I am not saying read the book or watch the movie (and by writing this I know I am adding to it all). But surely our society should be at a stage where we are able to tell what is good us and what is not. We cannot stick our heads into the sand and hope we never come across evil so we can make it to the end…. I would rather learn the truth and be able to identify the lies because I know what is true.

For this reason I think I would rather believe that we live in a society that is able to judge for itself and is able to look objectively for itself……

The warnings I have read like “the movie and books are only wanting your money, don’t be fooled” Really? Are people so frivolous? What about pharmaceutical companies, nobody seems to have an issue there, yet they also “want your money” and care very little about your life. What about big corporates, they don’t care about you and they just want your money, how are they any different suddenly to the fifty shades of grey parade. Yet people work for them and plod along mindlessly.
Part of being free and having freedom is that rubbish is also there. Trying to avoid it by never looking at it is not a way to deal with it.

Inadvertently the very people who are trying to stop the book/movie are actually the biggest sales people for the franchise. How do you like that?

Which leads me to my second topic. Our State of the Nation speech event (South Africa).

– Our government installed signal jammers (knowingly and pre meditated)
– They silenced a legitimate question (Made by Julius Malema)
– They had the whole EFF group forcibly removed from Parliament
– It is sort of known that this was actually policeman dressed in white shirts and black pants.
– The DA walked out due to the injustice displayed by ANC

Personally I am happy that it has occurred. Because if there was ever a question in your mind that there are hidden agendas and that the ANC tries to hide this, this event made them play their hand in front of all.

This proves that there are many issues we South Africans need to deal with. And that people in our country really are willing to just accept absolute disregard for people and the welfare of others.
Yes there were atrocities in Apartheid, but does that justify what is happening now? And if we could all open our eyes, it was not only black people that suffered.

Yes we cannot run away from the colour issue yet, because we still have not learned our lesson.

And due to impatience the oppressed want what is due to them. Yes I agree life is not fair, it will never be. Drug dealers have great lives at the expense of the lives they ruin, and that will continue for a long time, but we cannot demand what we want simply because we think it is owed to us. We are then no different to those drug dealers. We only tell ourselves we are better off…..

To tie it all up together, true freedom has a cost, it means we have to think for ourselves like with the fifty shades of grey story, make your own decisions.

And with regards to #SONA2015, here we need to fight. And it takes mature and wise people to know when to stand back and when to fight. I am not telling you what to do, but rather I hope it makes you think further than just the things that we see.


Reflections in history…..

I have always wondered if a mirror was a common thing in the lives of people in ancient times. From my searchings, I understand that the mirror was invented or should I say the actual mirror as an object was made around 3000B.C.


So roughly 5000 years we have been able to look at ourselves. Maybe someone can enlighten me as to whether the mirror was a common thing to the average household in those days.
I am guessing that it was not the case…. and that it was mostly royalty and the well off that kept mirrors in the home.

Now I am sure you may be asking why on earth do I care about this at all….. I also wonder that he he he.

My question is, how did people live without being able to see themselves as often as they want? Did they want to?

Another question I often ask myself is, is humanity really advancing? Some of the greatest minds that ever lived, lived in a time without computers, smart phones, electricity, phones, aeroplanes, cars….. I can go on here. And somehow they survived.

We look back and think, how could those people live like that? So primitive? Without cars, phones, microwaves, fridges…. Well they did. And I am sure they were happy. We are strange that way hey. We are blissfully unaware until we become aware. And then its pandora’s box.

You cannot easily give up your creature comforts once you know they exist.

Back to the original thought. It seems to me that we have become fascinated by ourselves. We “see” our reflection too often. We also “look” at ouselves too often. If you can picture a world without the ability to look at yourself. I think we will be a much more accepting and happier bunch. We would need each other. Just a thought… We woud not be able to be so vain to think htat it is all about us, because all we would see is others.

I will leave you with a video by a comedian, if you have time (and data) please watch it. He makes a really valid point.


Busy doing nothing

At the ripe old age of 23 I was near burn out. I was holding down 2 jobs and somehow squeezed bible school in there as well.

Most weekends was without sleep as it was from gig to gig and I worked at a retails store as well. I was quite a busy person then.

For most part there was a certain comfort in that, my default answer to all requests was simply “I am busy”.


Since most people do not like repeating themselves, the requests eventually subside (except for the few who obviously never learn).

The question I asked myself eventually was…. What did I accomplish? I soon learnt that busyness does not equal accomplishment. And is simple as it sounds, it is quite hard to see this, even harder to remedy. The last thing a busy person seems to want to do is sit and relook at things. The silence that comes with evaluation and introspection, can sometimes be quite deafening.

So it is simpler to just continue doing stuff.


What it really comes down to, is we are unwilling to face ourselves and we are running away from what we are really meant to be doing. Life has a way of forcing us to deal with something. But time is against us mostly isn’t it?

Let me put it this way. At some point you are going to die….Which by definition means that you have a limited amount of time on this earth.

This leads us to the logical conclusion…..what will you spend your time on? Yes we forget this periodically, but you need to remind yourself to work on things that count and that means something. What are you really meant to be doing?


Are you accomplishing stuff? Or are you just busy doing nothing?



The Demandalist




These are all personality traits I know. Not that I like them, but I know them. I deal with some and maybe all most of my days in my business. This does not exclude me either. I am not sure where I fit in there, but I have some of all……

However, I have come across a new one….the demandalist…

I think this type has specifically been created by our current culture.

demandalistNot pretty at all.

One would think that this kind of behaviour belongs to a 3 year old, but I assure you, that there are grown people that have this trait.

I want it and I want it now


These are those, that want what they want and they don’t care if it makes sense or what it entails to get done.

They simply do not care about the “who” they stomp on. It’s like they have an area in their life that never developed and that 3 year old creeps out. Somehow they managed to fool people into thinking they had some sort of gift.

As we all know the loudest one always tends to get the position…right? Well the loudest one is not always the right one for the job.

Maybe we got it wrong. The one doing it is not always the right  one. Sometimes all it takes is for the quiet ones to shut these demandalists up. After all, they really don’t know any better, they are just the loudest….




Facebook posts that erk me……..

I think facebook should create a limit to how many words one can use in a facebook status update.

One would think that people have something meaningful to impart when they write that many words. But all I am left feeling is how on earth do I get back that 15 seconds back of my life.

And I never seem to learn because it is wrong to pre judge people, and also sometimes there are really good posts. I also think people should have the decency to start a blog and share their shallow drivel with their own flock.


In short why do train preaching when you can start a church and people can follow you of their own volition . The audience is more receptive and are there to actually listen to you. In a train, mostly these preachers are an annoyance….

Noise you have to get through to start your day. And before you haul me over the coals…… if you can prove to me from scripture that Jesus preached on trains, well then I will agree with  the train preachers. And yes I know there were no trains, that is beside the point………. 🙂

Now onto the facebook prophets, I understand the Lord has spoken to you. But notice He spoke to you. Try listening and doing first then maybe you can start sharing……………..

Anyway enough of my ranting…..






The confines of your own beliefs

As we enter 2014, there are so many things going on and life is moving on rapidly. I thought it would be good to focus on what really rules us.

Our beliefs, correct? Whether we like it or not, whether we say so or not, our beliefs rule our actions. We can try and control it, hide it, flaunt it, correct it, but your beliefs will always surface whether intentionally or not. And that may not be a bad thing, but when the real underlying beliefs do not match up with the proposed reality of what we say (and we are normally the last to see this hey). What are we to do then????

And we take a look around us, we will notice that we also tend to stick around people who have similar beliefs….

Scary hey, we tend to live in the confines of our own beliefs. We don’t stray easily. We tend to only live what we know and not stray out of the confines of our already cemented beliefs. It takes courage, bravery and simple faith to step out of this………

What I ask though is, are you willing to step out of the confines of your beliefs? Will you venture into a world where you may not fully understand everything, and it is okay to be that way???

And do we do this in  every area in life? Our relationships? Our jobs? Our Recreation?

I want us to be able to explore the different things in life by having an open approach. I am not meaning doing stuff we know we hate, but not discarding new things simply because we refuse to fight that complacent nature in our inner being. 

I want us to fight our own mouth, and shock it by living what we speak. Take ourselves seriously and also know when to be light hearted.

2014, let it be the year you become you…..









Between the devil and the deep blue sea……..

[force]Sometimes life is just a myriad of happenings and they get to me…….

What is it all for? We mission about on all the things we consider important and prioritize. We create lists of what should get our attention don’t we?

We then dish out our attention in allocated portions to whom we deem important enough to receive our undivided focus. If you lucky of course, because these days we permanently glued to our phones or tablets. And I wonder………….

Are we caught between the devil and the deep blue sea? (a saying I only recently heard from my father). We so afraid to give our time away yet we end up wasting it on meaningless things anyway. Okay maybe at the time that it is happening we don’t know the stuff is meaningless, but we soon realise that we just blew away our time….. Older people get that hey, they are not quick to give away time…..and yet they seem to have a lot of it hey… time I mean


We don’t know what the real important things are anymore. We only make ourselves available to those we think can either help us or benefit our cause. How horrible selfish of us hey………..

Like we are so important?????

Try meeting with some high level executives….. Or even a pastor from those mega churches. It is not easy at all. You left walking away asking yourself, who must I be to get their attention, or what must do?

I wonder……….

I really do wonder if sometimes we all get it wrong. This way we do things, the way we prioritize our day, the way we treat each other.

It is all rather frustrating. The days where you can take people at their word is all but a distant memory. We struggle to get hold of any person, we say we will call back, but do we?

Do we really listen to each other?????

I just cannot seem to grasp how life has become, maybe it is time to slow it all down, start over. Reboot……………

I give up.





Audit on your words

We have become a very flippant society….

With regard to words I mean.

“Chat later”………. when we have no intention of chatting later.

“How are you”……. as we walk away from the person……

“I love you”….. but at the first sign of trouble we are out of there….

“We care for you”……….. But no one listens to you

“It is not about us”………… but every thing is about us.

“Yes I will”….. but you have no intention of complying with the agreement.

We don’t listen to ourselves anymore do we?

I struggle to give a yes to people, and I get accused of being a negative, grumpy person. All because I am one of those strange people that seems to think that my words count. If I say yes, then I need to follow that with an action.

Therefore my unwillingness to just throw an answer is not me being unhelpful, it is me calculating whether I can follow through on my promise.

Every end of the day I do an audit on my words (or promises). I do miss some of them, I am getting old now and my memory is not what it used to be. But I respond, reply, sms, email when I can and if the query warrants a response.

I cannot handle being left hanging and biting my nails for an answer on things, and therefore I do not want people on the other end of the line ever feeling that I am doing that to them.

I have also come to the conclusion in life that people say many things to each other, but ultimately they live and act what they really believe to be true. The old saying that “action speaks louder than words” is very true indeed.

But more so our actions really do actually reflect what we believe. You cannot say you love someone and never listen to them…never walk with them…never bear with them…. Of course it does depend on your definition of what love is, but I am sure you get what I am saying.

It seems so simple or insignificant when we dismiss these simple responses to people. To simply brush off the simple commitment we made to someone. No need to let them know. They will never take note.

But it is a slippery slope we get onto when we ignore the small slips. “It is the little foxes that destroy the vines”. Great falls never start as great slips. They are almost always a result of small little slips along the way, chipping away at your sanity and integrity.

Do an audit on your words, maybe not everyday. But start…..

If you have children, I think they will do it for you….. “But you said so daddy….”

The simplicity of keeping your word, maybe it will make you use less of them. Maybe just maybe it will improve the quality of your friendships.

“That guy/gal, they always come through for me”.

Do an audit on your words…… It will help everyone around you.



One Day


One day we will live in a world where people respect each other for who they are…

One day we will live in a world where people are honest with each other…….

One day we will live in a world where the truth is a celebrated state…

One day we will live in a world where life is cherished and not treated as a means to an end for some…

One day young women will realise that they should focus on who they are rather than try and grab attention of the young fool she thinks she wants………

One young men will learn to live their lives and develop some character rather than chase skirts all day long……..

One day the work place will be only for people who come there to work and not to deal with their issues that are unresolved from high school……

One day we shall see the value in people and things and realise that certain things are just not that important…….

One day governments will realise that they exist because of “the people”, not the other way around…..

One day the business world will grow a conscience, and realise that certain things are crimes against the greater good of humanity….

One day the people of this world will realise that whether we like it or not we are all connected and one. No matter how hard we try to create separations via race, tribe, class, economic state, language, country, religion, politics…… We simply cannot get away that we need each other….

One day churches will actually love people….Not a means to “build a kingdom”….

One day thieves will realise the true damage they do when they take stuff from others…..

One day the rapist will see the type of torture they inflict on their victims….

One day we will see how our decisions affect others…

One day people will get married for the right reasons and when they are grown up…

One day idiots will be called out…

One day………………………..



Now you can make that today……