Facebook posts that erk me……..

I think facebook should create a limit to how many words one can use in a facebook status update.

One would think that people have something meaningful to impart when they write that many words. But all I am left feeling is how on earth do I get back that 15 seconds back of my life.

And I never seem to learn because it is wrong to pre judge people, and also sometimes there are really good posts. I also think people should have the decency to start a blog and share their shallow drivel with their own flock.


In short why do train preaching when you can start a church and people can follow you of their own volition . The audience is more receptive and are there to actually listen to you. In a train, mostly these preachers are an annoyance….

Noise you have to get through to start your day. And before you haul me over the coals…… if you can prove to me from scripture that Jesus preached on trains, well then I will agree with  the train preachers. And yes I know there were no trains, that is beside the point………. 🙂

Now onto the facebook prophets, I understand the Lord has spoken to you. But notice He spoke to you. Try listening and doing first then maybe you can start sharing……………..

Anyway enough of my ranting…..






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