We all experience some form of trauma or abuse in our life. At some point it either happened or it will happen….

In South Africa we all know that apartheid(segregation) happened, racism made law and the minority ruled and experienced the joys of exploiting a land and accumulating wealth, with little to no competition.

I can’t say I experienced much of it directly, but I see the effects now on a nation that really struggles to right the wrongs. So its nearly 20 years since we “changed to a democracy”. And the power has shifted….okay maybe to the other extreme, but its shifted.

What I don’t see a lot of is restitution. With that I mean, an owning of the wrongs made public, and just generally a true remorse by the offenders. I don’t expect them to, but it would do a lot towards real healing IMHO. I know the feeling though, its hard to say I am sorry……unless maybe they not sorry? Sometimes people apologise simply because they were caught and not because they actually sorry….. just saying.

I know of a church that started a restitution fund. Which they emphatically and bluntly stated to the congregation, was to help those who never had the privilege or means to study further or whatever is needed. Only those who have…..give (I hope you get what I mean)

I think a book by Malcolm Gladwell describes it better
Outliers: The Story of Success

I like the action the church took there, I would like to see that happen on a larger scale, a country coming together to right its wrongs.

We basically a week away from the hurricane Sandy and I am sure anyone and everyone knows the damage done. But in the wake of the disaster we see all the people come together and simply get on with the rebuilding. For now all the classes, racism, economic differences…they just don’t matter do they?

I wonder what keeps us from solving these things on a normal day, what causes us to keep not focusing on rebuilding lives together?

Today I leave you with a video of a song that really……well I won’t spoil it with my opinions. Watch it for yourself…


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