The final post here…..

Hello all (and maybe good bye to some although I hope not).

This is the final post that I am putting on
In no way am I quitting my blog, it has moved to

The latest post is

It was a good run here, but I felt it time to move it to a hosted site in order to have full control over the functionality of certain things.
It has proven rather precarious, but if you bear with me and let me know if there are problems I will sort them out. I can always be reached by email

I hope you will all move with me, unfortunately it does mean you have to resubscribe at the new address.
In fact, I can add you from my end, but you would just have to click confirm in the email sent to you. Unfortunately for subscribers there is no way I can add you from my end.

As for the email subscribers, lookout for a mail from thehonestone and click confirm and you should be good to go, obviously only if you want to. If you no longer want to be subscribed simply do nothing and you will not receive future posts.

Thank you all for reading, see you on the other side…..

the Honest One

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