For now….

A while ago I was chatting to a friend about the blog. And she said something….she said “for now” she reads my blogs.

I have to admit I really was sort of nervous after that. I mean not all posts any blogger puts out is their best work (we try at least I do). But overall I guess I can only only use myself as an example here. I watch certain sit coms, and some episodes are real rubbish, but my long term understanding of the show helps me stay a loyal watcher.

I am simply writing about this because I am curious to know how people think and relate to things in life. I mean no harm to the friend who shared this.

It did however make me realise that we expect a lot from the creative side. Everybody wants something new and fresh and amazing. But life is not always like that. I must admit the year is not over yet and I am finished already, whats worse for me is that I am not going into a holiday. I am going into the next phase of busy season. That said, I might take a breather and recoup a bit. Albeit that I need to recollect and seek inspiration πŸ™‚

I might just drop the posts to one a week for the next few weeks or totally stop till next year, I am not sure yet.

Tis the season now, I can feel it and the malls are all madhouses and here I am working as normal as any other day. I like the christmas period (not that I am a celebrater of christmas) but I like the festivities and the memories that the season brings.

I will not disappear completely, because I like subjecting people to my musings and opinions (one sided as some of them may be). So never fear theHonestOne, or the hone stone as a few thought it was, is always near…..:)

Alternatively one can always catch me on facebook. I am always there in someway. Thank you to all who subscribe, follow, comment, engage on the blog. I enjoy it and will keep on doing what I am doing.

But for the some who will be having a holiday, enjoy it don’t party too hard. If you do, you know where to send the invite to, and I will runaway from work to have some fun πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “For now….

  1. An Observant Mind

    I had a follower leave the other day after I posed my first “non humourous” post. Wow, I thought, that’s a tough crowd! I think you can personalise it too much. People are fickle and will come and go, but you will have your loyal followers who will always stay, and they, and the craft are really what matters!

  2. FreyaNell

    For me blogging is more about keeping an online journal. I know that one gets dragged into the ‘getting more followers’ trap and some even call it ‘generating traffic’ on one’s blog. I am attempting to stay away from that. Those who read my blog will do so because they want to and I will endeavour to keep my blog about me and my experiences/interests and not to ‘generate traffic’. Although, I have to admit, it’s really nice to know someone reads what we write…

    1. thehonestone Post author

      I agree, I also do not “seek traffic” for traffic’s sake, but this was a fairly regular reader that said this. Besides I am am taking a break because I need to and find peace with all things again.

  3. DesiValentine

    I’ve been blogging for almost six years, now, and every once in awhile I need to go offline for a few weeks or months. Because I got too busy, or too distracted, or just didn’t feel like writing. I think it’s okay. Hopefully the crazy season isn’t too nuts for you, and you do get to run away and have some fun!


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