That One Thing

I have been around a while, and in different environments too. Be it the club life, church life, school life, college life, relationship life, engaged life, single life….. And if I were to look at that all and see the common thing in all of those experiences and in my own life, is this…….

That one thing.

That one thing…. you know what I mean? That one thing that keeps you from what you want to do, the one thing that prevents everything from moving, that one thing that stops your relationship dead in its tracks. The one thing that stops the whole church from being free, the one thing that stops you from achieving your dream, that one thing that stops you, that one thing……… And we reason that it was that one thing that toppled the everything else.

There may be some validity to that belief, but I think its not really true. I do not for one minute think that it is the one thing we put our finger on and reason that, that is the reason for our not being able to do whatever or the reason for the downfall of the ……. It’s almost like we compartmentalize our lives and view it like all different sections as we grow up. There is childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age. And we treat each area like its mutually exclusive from each other.

And likewise we view our different areas in life that we are involved with, as separate. We think our church life is separate from our work life, which is separate from our family life, which is in turn separate from our friend life. I know we all don’t do that, but we do to some degree compartmentalize don’t we? There is a condition that so perfectly describes this actions being separated into completely unrelated events. Autism, yes that is in simplest description what autistic people experience.
They view every action as a completely separate event and do not connect the dots. So somebody being beaten could appear as funny to an autistic person, because although they see the whole event, every action taken is viewed as a separate occurrence. Anyway, just thought I would throw that one in the mix.

What I was saying earlier is that its not true that its any one thing that keeps us from moving forward, onward, upward. Its because we simply refuse to understand that everything is interconnected. And that this one thing that we focus on (like a zit) and magnify, is simply the result of everything behind it.
So that one thing, that one thing that brings your relationship with someone to its knees (in a bad way) is not just the thing that you reason it to be, its everything that got you to here right now.

I hope you are still with me, if we get that, I promise you will have a much better life.

When we realise that all areas of our lives are connected and not separate from each other, we will realise that no one thing can rob us from what we are meant to live and be doing

Don’t let that one thing grab your focus, allow yourself to look at the bigger picture and the one thing you focus on will be put in perspective. NO “one thing” can bring down or stop anything, its always a series of events and experiences.


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