We can…..if we want to…..

I am not sure if you smoke cigarettes…..

I find it amazing that there are some things that we, as humans collectively, simply do not tolerate. And becomes an effort from everybody to work together and apply the decision. It requires a unity and agreement.

Do you remember the times when smoking was allowed indoors and in public spaces? It is just not done anymore. And it was applied across the board, whether it was accepted or not by the individual. No smoking was just accepted as, “for the good of all.”

Makes me think, when we want to stop something, we can…(fill in the blanks)


2 thoughts on “We can…..if we want to…..

  1. garth aziz

    People only stopped smoking indoors because there was a hefty fine attached to it if caught. People will generally stop doing something only when punishment or reward is attached to it. It is not a decision of “because we can” but “because we must”. I think if the punishment attached to smoking indoors were lifted everybody would just go right back to it. People change, do things or discontinue doing things not because they want to but because they are forced to.

    1. thehonestone Post author

      You are correct in that the fines were hectic and they used fear, but that is not what I am referring to. That is the “how” and I was referring to the intention behind it, and the ‘buy in ‘from everyone collectively. Today its simply accepted as a norm that smoking in an enclosed place is just not done.

      That said, even God when initiating a new law or principle, was pretty harsh in application of that. Death was often the result and it was immediate. I mean that when humanity wants to do something….they can. They must just want to do it together. I hope we could do this this with crime and corruption and so forth. We cannot fix all things but we can start by at least working together


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