Mo Money Mo Problems?

Money is probably the most talked about inanimate object in the history of mankind. One would think it has a life of its own by now. Yet on its own it can do nothing.
So why does it have its power?

Let me start by saying that if I could term money as a verb, it would be a magnifier.

Its my firm belief that all our issues can be found within our own hearts, with time releases, to deal with when we are ready to. But I still often hear people say when people fall from grace, that the money caused them to stumble or the success was too much for them….

I don’t think that’s entirely true. Like I said earlier, money is a great magnifier. Meaning that it will greatly multiply what is already happening. Therefore ultimately when you go down, its not the outside element that drags you down, its what is inside. Its the lack of strength of character, or whatever deficiency you have. It easier to blame the outside factor, but really its us that cause it.

That saying, “I have found the enemy, and he is me….” rings true here. Getting back to money, its also a good reflector, as it shows what we are really about. Money + pressure will show what you are really in your core (look at fear factor or survivor).

The same could be used in lets say what we term a backslider (fallen christian). We say it was that sin that tripped them up, where as I would say that was in their hearts all the time, it was just an opportunity that presented itself and what was inside came outside. What’s worse is then we think we are beyond repair from that point.

My question would be, does God not see what is inside all along? Do you think it shocks God when it eventually comes out? I think we need to be a little more honest with ourselves.

Or is it more that you cannot accept that it was there all along?

So I will amend the saying of “Mo Money Mo Problems”. I would say the more correct way is mo money, the same problems but bigger……


2 thoughts on “Mo Money Mo Problems?

  1. dylancromhout

    I agree with this. I have realised this to be true. That trial and temptation only bring out what was already inside. In fact, we should be thankful for trial and temptation, otherwise we would never know what was actually inside and would never be able to deal with it.

  2. garth aziz

    It was Oswald Chambers in his book “The Philosophy of Sin” that we can only be tempted by what’s in our hearts. I agree completely with your post! It does suck hey knowing that we can slip up at any time, praise God for grace!


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