the post about the other posts…

Today I wanted to just explain about how the blog posts are presented. A few friends have said that I present the posts as a closed idea. Meaning that I don’t really leave a room for comment….

I assure you that, that is not what the blog posts are about, though the idea is expressed as a complete one, its an open idea. And emphasis on Idea…

Once Again a blast from the past but click hear for a post from way back which I think expresses better what I am saying.

The posts are ideas and are by no means closed to criticism, reflection, opinion,etc. If it is inspiring quiet reflection then great, but if you disagree feel free to share your opinion. All it takes is one for others to find their voice.

Once again tomorrow I will be posting the part 2 of Points of Separation (a walk through scripture, ok a brisk walk through scripture) which describes and looks at where we separate from God over time.



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