being the first sucks when…..

Hello all

I was wondering the other day, some things would not be good to be the first at. So I thought let me try something different (and see who really is reading the blog still)

I will write a few examples of what I want to see and you can continue. Lets see how funny or ridiculous it can get.

Being the first sucks… when you are the first to discover that that snake is poisonous.
Being the first sucks when…. you discover that arsenic is poisonous to humans.
Being the first suck when…. you realise that drawing pins hurt when you sit on them.
Being the first sucks when…. looking up when birds fly above you, is not such a good idea…..
Being the first sucks when…..

5 thoughts on “being the first sucks when…..

  1. dylancromhout

    you jump out of a spaceship and realise that humans can’t breathe in space.

    after a good workout you run to the bathroom to get a drink of water and after satisfying your thirst you realise that the toilet is not a drinking fountain.

    you read your blog posts that have been sitting in your email address for a while and realise that life is just pointless without The Hone Stone….

  2. Taryn

    you arrive at a themed party, fully kitted out, only to discover that nobody else felt like dressing-up!


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