the one

Do you believe that there is only one person out there for you?

I am speaking to the singles today (but the married people can comment if they want). So do you?

Well I guess the real question I should be asking you is…… Do you believe in free will or in predestination?

Sounds like a heavy question hey. Maybe it is, but we all relate to it daily whether knowingly or unknowingly. So…. back to the point.

If we say free will, well then it will be difficult to say that we believe that there is one person out there for you only. For Example, let’s say your “one ” person that you never met yet, decided to walk in the street one day and just happened to be knocked by a bus and got herself killed (and these things do happen simply because we have the evidence).
You as a man would be doomed to singleness but a single act that was not even made by you (unless you were the bus driver of course).
Where would that leave you, since she was the only one. Consolation would be of course if you went for 2nd best, but who wants second best.
So your options are either pray to the Lord to have her resurrected?
Or as a friend of mine said, the Lord will raise a new one (ridiculous as that sounds). But if this were the case, then it would not fit into the free will story completely, but I will not go there for now.

On a side note, there is one person out there for you (contradiction hey), but hear me out. His name is Jesus and you fit with Him perfectly….ha ha ha.
Corny, but true.

I think thats what we really mean when we go on our quest for “the one”. We want someone to complete us, fix us and make all the trouble go away. I am exaggerating here, but to prove the point, don’t you think? We would rather believe that than make a decision on our own and live with the consequences too.

So let’s say you married the “one” that God gave you and it goes horribly wrong, you then blame the one Who gave the person to you, won’t you?

Look, if you believe in predestination and not free will, then all this should not bother you, your one is on the way and you don’t really need to think further than that.

But if you do believe in free will, well then we sit with a dilemma in approaching “the one” theory.

I guess what it comes down to is that there are plenty people you could have a good relationship and marriage with, just make a good decision. The one person out there theory is a bit pie in the sky for me…..

I consider it a myth……


3 thoughts on “the one

  1. dylancromhout

    Agreed my friend. It is a myth. Definitely. It is what we learn in shakepeare and movies. Not biblical. I myself was living in somewhat of that myth for a while until God came and showed me the truth that I have a choice in this.

    But also, just like with Isaac, my heavenly father loves me and will even bring someone to me that He thinks will suit me the best, just like Abraham did. But in the end its up to me to receive His choice for me and trust His judgement, or to go out and find one myself. That really depends on your relationship with God and how much you trust Him. But that is another discussion.

    Bless you brother mythbuster!

  2. Rowan

    ai ai. you and your free will vs predistination story :D. well firstly the “free will” vs predestination is not really an argument about who you going to marry. secondly those who believe in predistination in terms of salvation alo believe in free will.

    so to speak about it in terms of salvation, predestination is definitely biblical. free will too. those who believe that God predestines those who would choose him, believe in free will, and that we all have free will. but are incapable in and of ourselves to choose God by this free will. It is a working of His Spirit within us that leads us to choose Him.

    But back to the point of the post. Its scary when you hear people say “God told me to marry you”. 99.9% of the time I think they just infatuated and cant stop thinking about the person.

    I think God is capable of working his perfect plan through our choices. And I think He does this. What about the Scripture that says “God works all things for the good of those who love Him and those who are called according to his purpose”. So though He doesnt tell us marry this person or marry that person, when you look back you will see that He has worked through everything. If you dont see, you should have faith that He has, because this is what He says in His Word.

    Finally about the point where the assumption is made that the person blames God for ending up with the “wrong” person: My above point assumes that there is a Sovereign God who works out His Sovereign plan. Instead therefore of blaming God, the person who believes that God has given them their partner has to confess and repent of their “I married the wrong person” attitude. And start to trust in God and the one He has given. Thats the problem with free will. You can make a mistake, shame if you did, you doomed. But God never makes a mistake, and so those who love Him and those who are called according to His purpose always has this to cling on too. Even at the rockiest time of their marriage they can know and be certain that God has given them their partner and He does not make mistakes. After all did Christ not say “What God has joined together let man not seperate”?

    You will probably ask the question…what about those who do not know God and are not called according to His purpose? :D.

    1. THO Post author

      Firstly, the free will issue is what shapes all your beliefs from there. Therefore it would apply to all areas. That’s why I placed them as opposites.

      If you read correctly, then you will find that they exclusive to each other. Working from there you need to realise that we can get it wrong. Apartheid is evidence of that, and it was taken from scriptures too.

      Just because you are in Christ does not mean you will choose His way.

      That’s what I am suggesting, simply allow yourself the freedom to choose. If you walk with Him and include Him in all things then well you should make good decisions. But you can get it wrong…


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