This a saying or slogan that always bothered me.

For one, there are quite a few assumptions one has to make before you can make the statement, What Would Jesus DO………

For one, firstly you would have to reduce everything Jesus is, to a list of do’s and don’ts and it would have to be knowable. Secondly Jesus would have to be clinically removed from your everyday life to be able to be “consulted” in this manner.

The tense of the statement requires you to refer to Jesus in past tense, assuming then that Jesus is not there with you at that point in time. Also The construct of “What would Jesus Do” implies that you could separate Jesus’s teachings from Him and reduce it into principles that could be applied according to your circumstance clinically.

Now, Jesus was and is still alive, and as far as I know cannot be reduced to a list of principles. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life….” ring a bell. He is truth, and does not just speak truth. Therefore He is the living truth, meaning if you want to know truth, get to know Him. And since Jesus is here, He lives in us, you don’t have to wonder what He would do. He is still doing………..

Therefore I would say a more correct way of putting it would be, What is Jesus doing now… (acronym not too great on that hey). This leads me to the next point. So since He is alive and still doing things now, we do not have to clinically hope for the best and think what He would do in this situation. We now have to ask how do we relate to that?

Well simply put, we get to work with Jesus on whatever He is doing. Its a lot harder to do this, since everytime you approach it like this you will not assume you know before He reveals. Also it would silence that irritating bunch who always seem to be on the sidelines “letting you know” that, that is not biblical.

I am sure the apostles in their early stages did things that were not “biblical”. Simply because they were busy discovering it, and now we have it on record. They most certainly never confined their lives to what was only in scripture. Anyway I am drifting here. Back to the point.

What is Jesus doing now? I implore you, spend your time focusing on that, and focus your energy on walking and working with Him. I promise you will have a better life than concerning yourself with”What Would Jesus Do”……………..


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