The 3 words we hate

Our world is obsessed with knowing.

With that I mean knowing information. If we were not google would not be needed, in fact the internet would be much less used then would it not?

There are an unending amounts of books, experts, scientific studies,teachers etc. All filled with info and theories. At present at the click of a few buttons we can get the latest news, the price of goods, we can trade the markets instantaneously. There are seemingly no limits to what you can find out.

Its scary the sheer volume of info out there. And most certainly no shortage of people wanting to define and give it a name. One would think that we know it all. Well sadly (or maybe not so sadly) we really don’t know all that much.

Which brings me to the 3 words we really don’t like that much. “I DON’T KNOW”

Think about it. When you come to a doctor and there is something wrong with us, and he/she replies “I don’t know” what wrong with you. Thats not going to sit right with us…..

If you ask any honest medical professional they will tell you that we only know about 30-35% about the human body. Ask anyone who studies the universe and they will tell you that 70% of space and why things work is unknown to us. You see we may know a lot, but in the bigger picture we don’t know much. Its this not knowing that drives us sometimes to get an answer for things that are quite frankly never going to be answered, at least not now.

So happy new year everybody. Welcome to the new home of thehonestone. As for whats going to happen here this year. I Don’t Know…………

We don’t know the future and what it holds, it freaks us out to the utmost. We pay lots of attention and money to things that forecast the future. We even hope God will tell us what to do and what we will do so that we can feel ok with that not knowing feeling don’t we.

The truth is. We don’t need to know the facts. We need to know the Person and walk with Him. Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow it will have its own troubles.

I don’t have all the answers to everything and I am ok with that. Are you……?


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