Are you a ‘has to’ or are you a ‘why not’ ?

Hi all

Today I am trying a remote post, please bear with me if there are spelling errors and so forth. I am doing this from a blackberry simply to see if it works.

Has to’s, people who when something comes their way “has to” have it done in a particular way.

Why not’s, people who when something comes their way approach it with a “why not” and are able to take it as it comes.

I am sure we all live in both spaces in different areas of our lives, but I am referring to those who approach with more than 70% of their lives. The “has to’s” needing info way in advance and needing to rehearse them over and over, while the “why nots” are more prone to improv.

I would point out that improv does not imply no laws or rules. They are just different forms of rules.
The has to’s approach tends toward the inflexible exclusive and the why not’s to the more flexible inclusive.

I think we need both, but in a balanced way. Let’s take has to’s and approach let’s say…. Family. That’s an exclusive situation since we can’t be adding people into family just because they want that. There are conditions to be included into a family.

Now for the why not’s… Let’s look at friendship. Your approach could be a why not because you really don’t know whether someone you meet will become a good lifetime friend when you meet them do you now?

I think trouble spells when we lean towards one side only.

We need to apply the has to’s and the why not’s in the right situations. Don’t you think??


Posted by THO (TheHonestOne)

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